Meet The Riveters

Look very closely.

Every R. Riveter handbag bears the mark of the Military Spouse who assembled it + every Military Spouse has a unique story of strength + determination to tell.  Get to know your Riveter by matching the marks on your bag to the selfless Military Spouses below. Depending on the style you chose, up to five different Military Spouses could have left behind their unique mark on your bag!

How many Military Spouses will you be representing?


"Becoming a Remote Riveter has been a great opportunity for my family. I love that I can work from home, at my own pace, to contribute to my family!"
- Jocelyn | RR024

"I love the flexibility of working as a Remote Riveter because I get to be with my children. My husband has to be away sometimes, and I am so grateful that I don't have to leave my kids to go to work. I love the bags and I love making them! R. Riveter feels like a family."
- Jennifer F. | RR058

"I always wanted to sew and being a Remote Riveter gives me the opportunity to do that. I love the idea that I can take my job anywhere!"
-Leah | RR044 


"My dream has always been to be a stay-at-home mom and R. Riveter gives me something I can do from home.
- Hilary | RR023

"From the second I heard of R. Riveter, I loved the mission, the company and everything they stood for! I knew I wanted to work for them! It's something you feel like you can be proud of."
- Stacy | RR015



"Working for R. Riveter was the perfect opportunity for me and my family! I own my own business, I'm available to take my kids to school and sports and still help contribute to my family's income. We will be PCS'ing again this summer and I still have my work because it is mobile!"
-Cheryl | RR007


Riveter No. Military Spouse Duty Station
RRSOUTH Cameron Fort Bragg, NC
RRNORTH Lisa Currently PCSing
RR004 Justin Fort Bragg, NC
RR007 Cheryl Fort Benning, GA
RR015 Stacy Fort Knox, KY
RR017 Kellie D. Fort Drum, NY
RR022 Laura Fort Bragg, NC
RR024 Jocelyn Fort Carson, CO
RR029 Abi Fort Bragg, NC
RR030 Colleen Fort Benning, GA
RR037 Sara B. Fort Bragg, NC
RR039 Kellie G. Fort Campbell, KY
RR038 Brittany Fort Bragg, NC
RR040 Stacy S. MD
RR041 Erika Fort Brag, NC
RR043 Katie Fort Rucker, AL
RR044 Leah Fort Stewart, GA
RR053 Danie Fort Campbell, KY
RR055 Ashley C. Fort Bragg, NC
RR058 Jennifer F. Fort Bragg, NC
RR059 Jennifer B. Fort Bragg, NC
RR060 Jessica Fort Bragg, NC
RR061 Christie Fort Bragg, NC
RR062 Ronda Fort Bragg, NC
RR063 Elizabeth Fort Bragg, NC
RR066 Kristi Fort Bragg, NC
RR068 Laura R. Fort Bragg, NC
RR069 Sherrie Fort Bragg, NC
RR072 Barbra Goldsboro, NC
RR073 Amie Fort Jackson, SC
RR074 Candice Atlantic Beach, NC
RR075 Victoria San Antonio, TX
RR076 Sarah Fort Bragg, NC
RR077 Kayla Fort Bragg, NC
RR078 Angela Grovetown, GA
RR079 Amanda Fort Wayne, IN
RR080 Maureen Fort Bragg, NC
RR082 Tavia Rexburg, ID
RR083 Monica Plymouth, MI
RR084 Joann Omaha, NE
RR085 Elaine Wright Patterson AFB, OH
RR086 Leila Fort Bragg, NC
RR087 Kelly Woodbridge, VA
RR088 Amanda P. Southern Pines, NC
RR089 Angela G. Southern Pines, NC
RR092 Diana Fort Bragg, NC
RR093 Morgan Fort Bragg, NC
RR094 Laura D. Fort Bragg, NC
RR095 LaParis
RR096 Meghan Q. Fort Bragg, NC
RR097 Kevin Fort Bragg, NC
RR101 Amberly Firestone, CO
RR102 Jennifer C. Fort Bragg, NC
RR103 Jessica G. Fort Bragg, NC
RR104 Kelsey G. Fort Bragg, NC
RR111 Elizabeth S. Fort Bragg, NC
RR112 Jessie Fort Bragg, NC
RR113 Paige Fort Bragg, NC
RR114 Stephanie P. Bethesda, MD
RR115 Alicia Fredrick, MD
RR118 Katie M. Fort Bragg, NC
RR120 Sandra Fort Bragg, NC
RR121 Deiris Fort Bragg, NC
RR122 Marlyn Fort Bragg, NC
RR123 Elena Fort Bragg, NC
RR124 Patricia Fort Bragg, NC
RR125 Silvia Fort Bragg, NC
RR126 Dawn Arlington, VA
RR127 James Fort Bragg, NC
RR128 Laura Rockville, MD
RR129 Hortencia Fort Bragg, NC
RR130 Diane Fort Bragg, NC
RR131 Jennifer S. Fort Sill, OK
RR132 Christa Southern Pines, NC
RR133 Casey E. Pinehurst, NC
RR135 Ava G. Pinehurst, NC

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