Meet the Riveter: Angela G.

October 20, 2016

If you look carefully at your R. Riveter bag, you will find those significant numbers that represent the military spouses who put special effort into its completion. One number, RR089, belongs to a very special military spouse named Angela.  

And so her love story begins...

Angela began her life as a military spouse within a year of meeting, her now husband, Danny in Korea.  She and a group of people were waiting for him on a bus to take them to a weekend cruise ship. Rather than feeling aggravation at his late arrival, when Danny got on the bus “it was like a magnet.”  The ironic part of their meeting halfway across the world is that they are both originally from Southern California and grew up only 2 hours away from one another!  “It took going across the globe to meet,” she says and they are now celebrating their 4-year wedding anniversary.

Becoming a Military Spouse

The hardest thing Angela finds about being a military spouse are the deployments and being away when her husband is training.  But other than handcrafting R. Riveter bags, Angela finds interesting ways to spend her time.  She has a full time job during the day. If you pass her by on the road you may see her jamming out to the album “Californication” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers or listening to an audio book.  More than likely she is on her way to Crossfit, yoga, or Zumba. 
Angela loves doing anything that makes her strong.  In fact, one of her inspirations is Masha Gordon, a woman who set the record for climbing the 7 tallest peaks in the shortest amount of time.  “It’s people like her that inspire me every day to push myself a little farther.”  Angela is an avid scuba diver so I would say she is well on her way to achieving amazing feats.  She hopes to one day take her husband to Iceland and scuba dive between 2 continents!

The Riveter life

As skilled and crafty as Angela is, it’s no surprise that her favorite store is Hobby Lobby and her idea of sustainability is her creative career with R. Riveter; a career she can take with her whenever she goes. Angela wants to see people get creative and reuse/repurpose materials around them.  She believes that it will create a snowball effect such as decreasing pollution and waste, encourage saving money, and increase mindfulness and creativity.  “That is actually one of the things I love about R. Riveter.  They are taking uniforms and materials that would have probably been wasted and turning those materials into something gorgeous and useful.”  We agree with you, Angela!   Both R. Riveter and its customers are lucky to have this former snowboarding bum who wishes she could fly as part of their team!
Story by Kellie Gunderman
Photos Courtesy of Angela G.

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