Anna F. / RR193

Name: Anna F.
Year Started at R.Riveter: 2018
Position: Remote Liner Riveter 
Military Affiliation:  Army Spouse
Current Base: JBLM, Tacoma, WA

How many moves with the Military?

Why did you want to become a Riveter?
Sewing is my passion!

What is one of your favorite things about being a Riveter?
The flexibility. I love being able to set my own hours and amount of work.

How has R.Riveter impacted your life?
I was able to quit my day job and have more time to spend at home with my family, all while getting paid for something that I love to do! 

What does it mean to you to wear many hats - military spouse, maker, parent (to humans or animals), etc.
It means everything to me. I love being able to juggle life as a military wife, mother, and maker with R.Riveter.

Tell us about a typical "day in the work-life."
Coffee first! Then tackle anything the day might consist of; walking the dog, chauffeuring my son around, and definitely enjoy spending time with my husband. Sewing is always mixed into my daily routine.

What's on your "work jams" playlist?
Usually Taylor Swift.

What is your favorite R.Riveter product?
My Class A Otto

What is your favorite Marketplace product?
My CharlieMadison Originals bracelet. It's beautiful!

Growing up you wanted to be:
A Marine Biologist.