Veronica C. / RR162

Name: Veronica C
Year started at R.Riveter: 2017
Position: Liner Riveter 
Military Affiliation: Active Duty Army Spouse
Current base/station: Shalimar, FL

First, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I come from a very creative family and have my Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and a Master's Degree is Music. I met my husband while lifeguarding for the Army MWR swimming pool, which was my summer job throughout college. We have been married 15 years and have 2 young boys. Several years ago, I started my own music studio focusing on "mommy and me" Early Childhood Music classes. I have tried teaching music at each new duty station and absolutely love it, but it has been hard starting over each time we move. A fellow Army spouse introduced me to quilting about 7 years ago and I've been addicted to it ever since. I love sewing and creating things. My favorite quilts usually include butterflies in some way.

Why did you join R.Riveter?
I love to sew and wanted a way to help out the family financially.

How has being a military spouse affected your journey and your career?
I feel incredibly lucky and grateful for the experiences we've had and the amazing friends we have made at each new duty station. I always planned on being a music teacher. However, searching for and interviewing for new school teacher positions was something that became old really quickly. So, I started my own Music School, but after working so hard to build up my studio and reputation, it was so heartbreaking to pack up and leave my students. I'm worried about my teaching certifications being expired from lack of "job experience," but I definitely don't regret being a part of this military community. I have met and made friends with some of the most wonderful people from so many different walks of life, and that never would have happened had I stayed in my hometown.

How has R.Riveter affected your life? 
I am still very new, but I feel so proud to be a part of this incredible company. My sewing was always considered a favorite hobby, but now I have a legitimate excuse to spend time doing something that I love. The new income I have been able to earn has given me a much-needed opportunity to contribute to the family financially and still maintain my obligations at home.

What do you love most about what you do?
Making beautiful things!

What is one of your most proud moments at R.Riveter?
When my friend Cheryl (one of the Rosies) told me that someone bragged about the quality of my work. I hope I don't let her down.

Favorite part about working at R.Riveter?
The other Riveters are so encouraging and helpful, I just love having them in my corner. Knowing that I am a part of this community is something that I am really thankful for.

Favorite R.Riveter handbag?
I love my limited edition Class A Patton.

Fun Fact about yourself?
I'm crazy about butterflies, and I won 1st place in the fiber arts category of the 2017 Army Arts and Crafts Contest for one of my Butterfly Quilts.