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R. Riveter & U.S. Army

Discover the R. Riveter x US Army Collection

Inspired by the enduring spirit of "The Army Goes Rolling Along." This exclusive line celebrates the strength and camaraderie encapsulated in the song. Crafted with care in the U.S., each piece combines authentic military elements with modern design. Show your support and pride with a stylish accessory that helps empower military families. Step into a legacy of honor with the R. Riveter x U.S. Army Collection – and carry the tradition.

The lucy

the patton

the dot

The betsy

the hopper

the Otto

The williams

the Corbin

the harriet

The lucy mini

The Hobby

the whittle

Leather key LEash

leather card holder

did you know?

The official song

of the United States Army, was originally composed in the early 1900s by Field Artillery First Lieutenant Edmund L. Gruber while stationed in the Philippines. Initially called "The Caisson Song," it celebrated the daily life and vigor of the Field Artillery. The tune became an instant hit among the troops, quickly spreading across Army units worldwide.

In 1952, the Army officially adopted it as their song after revising the lyrics to represent all branches of the Army. It has since become a unifying anthem, embodying the spirit and resilience of the Army, ensuring its storied traditions and pride "go rolling along."