MariLynn H. / RR194

: MariLynn H.
Year Started at R.Riveter: 2018
Position: Remote Liner Riveter 
Military Affiliation: Navy Spouse
Current Location: Jacksonville, FL

How many moves with the military?
5 total, 3 were cross-country.

Why did you want to become a Riveter?
With three young kids and a husband who deploys, I needed something that was for me but still allowed me to be present for my husband and kids.

What is one of your favorite things about being a Riveter?
I'm part of an amazing community of strong women who understand the long nights, the deployments and moves but also understand the excitement of homecomings. I'm proud of all the women I work with.

How has R.Riveter impacted your life?
R.Riveter has given part of me back. I'm able to work and contribute financially to our house while still making sure my kiddos have help with their homework.

What does it mean to you to wear many hats - military spouse, maker, parent (to humans or animals), etc?
It can be pretty crazy around here. Thankfully my husband completed his last deployment earlier this year. I have three kids who are 10, 8, and 5. It is a constant balancing act but we figure it out as we go. 

Tell us about a typical "day in the work-life":
Every day is different but I work in sets of 10. In between, I do housework or play with the kids.

What's on your "work jams" playlist?
Everything from country to 90's hip hop. I even have a few Disney songs in there. Haha!

What is your favorite R.Riveter product?
I want them all! My favorite bag to make is The Hobby.

What is your favorite R.Riveter Marketplace product?
The Rosie the Riveter bracelet by CharlieMadison Originals.

Tell us 3 fun facts about you:
1. I LOVE white coffee.
2. I learned to sew from my grandmother Mary when I was 10.
3. Until R.Riveter I had never sewn from a pattern. I always created my own.

Growing up you wanted to be:
I wanted to be a youth counselor.