Meet the Team Member: Taylor R.

Name: Taylor P
Year Started at R.Riveter: 2018
Retail and Customer Service Associate
Military Affiliation:  Army Spouse
Current Base: Fort Bragg


Describe your job in five words or less: 

Promoting R.Riveter & Loving It

A typical day in the work life:

I get to interact with our wonderful customers and tell the R.Riveter story all day! Selling the merchandise is the easiest thing because our bags basically sell themselves--Amazing craftsmanship, beautiful and functional designs, what's not to love?

Coffee Order:

I'm more of tea kind of gal!

Typical Work Jam:

Africa by Toto

Favorite R.Riveter Product:

Signature Black & Brown Otto

Favorite R.Riveter Marketplace Item:

Anything made by Quinn Sharp Designs!

First Job:

Working at a local movie theater in high school. Free popcorn galore!

Growing up you wanted to be:


What advice would you give your younger self?


Best thing about the R.Riveter Community?

We all understand the military culture and sacrifices necessary for our military service members. Everyone is so understanding and supportive of each other. I love this family!

What are you "in it" for? 

I'm "in it" for the mission of empowering and employing military spouses. Growing up an Army Brat, and now being a military wife, I know firsthand how hard finding employment can be when you're following your service-member around the country and moving every 2-3 years. From first learning the R.Riveter story, I was sold. I love going to a job that I can be proud of and knowing that what I'm doing is making a difference in the community that I have spent my entire life surrounded by.