Meet the Rosie: Christa

Name: Christa S.
Year Started at R.Riveter: August, 2016 
Position: Sewing Machine Operator 
Military Affiliation: Active duty Air Force Spouse
Current Base: Fort Bragg


1. First, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm from a 6th generation farm in Kansas.  My Husband and I are high school sweethearts.  We have moved 12 times in 23 years with the Air Force.  I enjoy quilting, hiking and golfing with my husband.
2. Why did you join R.Riveter? 
I love the mission and the product.

3. How has being a military spouse (if applicable) affected your journey and your career?  
I have been very fortunate to always find a job despite moving every two years on average.  But I've had to learn to be flexible.  It hasn't always been something in my background...the bridal industry.  However, being open to new things has given me amazing opportunities that I wouldn't have had without the military.

4. How has R.Riveter affected your life? 
It has been an amazing and positive experience.  I get to work surrounded by people who love what they do and understand the challenges of being a military spouse.
5. What do you love most about what you do?
I love the creative aspect!  Knowing that you are making something special for someone is very rewarding.
6. What is one of your most proud moments at R.Riveter?
Getting my RR #! 

7. Favorite part about working at R.Riveter?
The people
8. Favorite R.Riveter handbag?
The Otto
9. Fun Fact about yourself?
I'm always up for fun and adventure.