Riv-A-ter// noun: a determined and talented military spouse that often runs three shifts-- military spouse, mother, and crafter of American made products. 
R.Riveter was founded on the American Ideal that opportunity and innovation, when combined with determinations, will create positive impact. From two women in an attic to a nationwide network of Riveters, our company embodies the time-tested mantra of success through hard work.  The Mission--to provide travel hardened military spouses the opportunity to achieve and elevate, is accomplished through the hands of each worker.  The team spirit and community within R.Riveter Drives individual and collective success. 
Small Leather Work | The "Hands on" one
You love to swing a mallet and the instant gratification of a good dye job.

Basic Sewing | The Novice
Or the Quilter for that matter - you own a basic home sewing machine, craft tools and a kitchen table – this is all you!

Industrial Sewing | The experienced one. 
The phrases “walking foot” and “clutch motor” make you happy. You have a fully stocked shop.

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