Meet the Rosie: Laura V

Name: Laura V
Year Started at R.Riveter: 2014
Position: Brand Strategist
Military Affiliation: Army Spouse
Current Base: Ft. Bragg, soon Ft. Campbell

1. First, tell us a little bit about yourself.  
I’m an old soul. A wife, new mama, an interior design junkie. Born in Kentucky. Raised in Tennessee. Former Health Physicist. Lover of all things with a story.

2. Why did you join R.Riveter?
Like many military spouses, a PCS made it hard for me to find a job in my field. With any move comes a career change too. I went from working full time as a Health Physicist for the State of Tennessee protecting Tennesseans and the environment from the hazards associated with ionizing radiation to being unemployed, a new residence of an unfamiliar State and in search for anything in the biology field. After two months of searching I read about R.Riveter in Pinestraw Magazine. With my creative passion and their mission at large, I instantly found them on social media and commented on their Instagram "you should hire me"...Sure enough they did.

3. How has being a military spouse affected your journey and your career?
Moving to North Carolina I knew I would have to start over and find a new career. Finding R.Riveter allowed me to explore my creative side which I've always wanted to pursue. I started out sewing as an Operator, then on to the Fabshop/Production Manager. Once we really started to grow, my creatives were desired elsewhere so I moved to the Marketing Team.  Now as R.Riveter's Brand Strategist I help enhance the brand's product and mission. Something I look forward to every day.  

After giving birth to my daughter in March of 2017, I was able to work from home and still  take care of my daughter. Now that I’m back in Tennessee, I can continue this journey and career.


4. How has R.Riveter affected your life?
It's completely changed it! Once I moved to Pinehurst, R.Riveter has been my world since those first two months of moving. The women are amazing! I have lifelong friends or what we call “Riveter Sisters” for the rest of my life. I have pursued my creative passion by working here and love that I learn more each day.

5. What do you love most about what you do?
I get to be creative, my ideas are heard and appreciated, and working with some of your best friends and strong like minded women everyday.

6. What is one of your most proud moments at R.Riveter?
Wow, tough question! I've had a lot of proud moments. Probably the moment I made my first bag (which probably wouldn't pass quality control now). Once I started getting really good at making bags, I remember being in the basement in Southern Pines, making around 10 a day. I thought that was alot until we got to the warehouse, which quickly changed. Kickstarter was the beginning of my R.Riveter career and Shark Tank just topped the cake. If you received a bag circa 2014-2015, I probably assembled it. (Look for RR022)

7. Favorite part about working at R.Riveter?
I get to work with amazing women everyday. These women are my family, my home away from home. I can turn to them for anything!

8. Favorite R.Riveter handbag?
Tough to say, but I would have to say the Patton. It's a perfect everyday bag.

9. Fun Fact about yourself?
While my husband and I were dating he bought me a 1985 Ford Bronco II. It was in meant condition and I named her Rita, after The Beatles song, Lovely Rita.



Meet the Rosie: Laura V