Leila P. / RR086

Name: Leila P.
Year Started at R.Riveter: 2016 
Position: Canvas Riveter 
Military Affiliation: Army Spouse
Current Location: Havre de Grace, MD

First, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm the mother of 3 and a professional volunteer in all things kid related. I love staying active but will always stop to pet a dog.

Why did you join R.Riveter? 
I felt like this job was specifically for me. I love to sew, I've tried for years to find a job with the flexibility I need, and I knew that working alongside fellow military spouses would be both empowering and rewarding

How has being a military spouse (if applicable) affected your journey and your career?
When I met my husband I had just moved to Colorado. My plan was to work, establish residency, then go back to school. That plan went right out the window! I decided that being together was more import to me and that his (my husband's) mission was one that was important and one that I wanted to help support. My career was snuffed out before it could really begin. I don't regret that for a second. Being able to be the stability for my kids in an everchanging life, has made a huge difference.

How has R.Riveter affected our life? 
It is helping offset the growing costs of my kids extra curricular activities. It is also important that my kids (particularly my daughter) see me as my own person and not just a wife and mother.

What do you love most about what you do?
Meeting my self-imposed deadlines are so rewarding but just the physical act of sewing is really enjoyable for me.

Typical Coffee Order?
French Vanilla unsweetened coffee with full-fat coconut milk.

Preferred Work Jam?
Lately, my Pandora station of choice is Vance Joy.

What is one of your most proud moments at R.Riveter?
Being able to gift my mother a Hobby that I had helped create. She taught me to sew and has been incredibly supportive.

Advice you would give your younger self?
Don’t underestimate yourself!

What are you "in it" for?
I love being able to be part of creating beautiful products. It also feels great to be able to contribute, financially to my family.

Best thing about the R.Riveter Community?
Everyone works together in such a supportive atmosphere.

Favorite R.Riveter handbag?
Not a fair question! The Hobby.

Favorite R.Riveter Marketplace item? 
Charlie Madison Army bracelet