Meet the Riveter: Victoria A

Name: Victoria A
Year Started at R.Riveter: 2016
Position: Liner Riveter
Military Affiliation: Husband is in the Navy 
Current base/station: We are station in Norfolk Va. On the USS Harry S Truman 
1. First, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am 25 years old from Texas. An aspiring entrepreneur with a tiny business called Small Pirates! I am a history major working on getting bachelors degree. We have two fur babies (our hamster died :/) And I have been married to my sailor for 4.5 years! 
2. Why did you join R.Riveter?
I needed a job that I could work around my husbands career in the military. We moved so often that many places didn't want to hire me because I was only going to be there temporarily. I love the flexibility. 
3. How has being a military spouse affected your journey and your career?
It has its up and downs I have had to put stuff on hold like school but it has opened up opportunities as well. 
4. How has R.Riveter affected your life?
It's given me more time to spend with my husband. Before I was with R.Riveter I would work odd hours of the day and weekends and never had time to be with him and with R.Riveter I can make up for loss time. 
5. What do you love most about what you do?
I love that I can wake up every morning and enjoy what I do rather than hate it. It's not a typical 9 to 5 but it's nice being able to work on other projects and spend time with my family while working at my own pace. 
6. What is one of your most proud moments at R.Riveter?
Going to see the Bethesda Store open up! It was nice meeting Cameron and Lisa! Also seeing someone purchase the bag I made! They had me autograph it!  

7. Favorite part about working at R.Riveter?
Our community! 
8. Favorite R.Riveter handbag?
Patton and OTTO!! 
9. Fun Fact about yourself?
I make up silly new names for my dog every time I sew!