Meet the Riveter: Laura R.

Name: Laura R., RR068

Hometown: Perrysburg, OH

Military Affiliation : Air Force Wife

Why did you join R. Riveter? A friend of mine worked at R. Riveter and asked if I would want to help out in late 2015, just before their Shark Tank episode aired. I thought I was just agreeing to help a friend, but as I engaged with the company, I came to understand the story Cameron and Lisa were trying to tell. When Cameron offered me a sewing position, I was so excited to join their mission. I felt an instant connection with the other military spouses because of our shared stories. Since joining R. Riveter, I've learned so much, and it's given me a chance to work again, while still being available for my family. 

Best part about working at R. Riveter: I really resonate with the company's mission. The culture that Lisa and Cameron have created is so positive, flexible and supportive. I also love to create, and I'm proud to send off something I have made to our customers in support of the mission.

Favorite bag: My favorite bag to sew is a tie between the Patton and the Dopp Kits. They are such elegant little bags and fun to sew! My favorite bag to carry is the Hobby. It's the perfect size; not too big and and too small. It just fits.