R. Riveter's Signature Line

Did you know R. Riveter has two lines?

R. Riveter's Signature line is the one that started it all! Co-founders Cameron Cruse and Lisa Bradley brought pieces from the Signature line on Shark Tank in 2016.

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Our second line is Reveille, named after the signal used across military bases to wake up in the morning. This collection is focused on bags that meet your needs no matter where you go, and is a call for women everywhere to wake up and do what only they can do.

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What makes our Signature line, “Signature?”

  • Employment of Military Wives: One of the standout features of the Signature line is its social impact. R. Riveter empowers military spouses across the United States by providing them with remote employment opportunities. These “Riveters" contribute to different aspects of the bag-making process, such as crafting liners, handles, pockets, tags, and more. Each piece made by the riveters is then sent to the company's warehouse in Florida, where the final assembly takes place. The bags bear a unique stamp indicating the number of riveters involved in making them, providing a personal touch to each product. By purchasing a bag from the Signature line, customers not only get a high-quality product but also support military spouses and their families. 
  • Handmade Craftsmanship: In an era where mass production dominates the fashion industry, the Signature line stands out for its commitment to handmade craftsmanship. R. Riveter takes pride in being one of the few remaining warehouses that manufacture and handcraft their products themselves. This dedication to traditional craftsmanship adds value to each bag, making them more than just accessories but also pieces of art. Handmade items often carry a sense of authenticity and uniqueness that mass-produced goods lack, appealing to customers who appreciate attention to detail and artisanal quality.
  • High-Quality Materials: Quality is a cornerstone of the Signature line. R. Riveter uses only the finest materials to ensure durability and longevity. For instance, the leather used in these bags is full-grain, known for its superior quality and resilience. Additionally, the nylon employed is not only durable but also easy to clean, making the bags practical for everyday use. The hardware, made entirely of brass, adds to the premium feel of the products and is resistant to tarnishing, ensuring that the bags maintain their pristine appearance over time. This emphasis on quality reassures customers that they are investing in products that will withstand the test of time and remain in excellent condition even after years of use.

In summary, R. Riveter's Signature line stands out for its combination of social impact, traditional craftsmanship, and high-quality materials. By supporting this line, you'll not only acquire stylish and durable bags, but also contribute to the empowerment of military spouses and the preservation of handmade craftsmanship in the fashion industry.

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