Announcing Our Newest Store Location: Columbus, Ohio!

As R.Riveter grew, expanding and opening a new store was an exciting task the two dreamers took on.

It was decided that Columbus, Ohio would be the lucky location for a new store.

This of course was not random. Columbus is special because R.Riveter is a local company. One of the Co-Founders, Lisa Bradley, calls Columbus home.

The store, located in the center of the Station Building, acts not only as a convenient spot for purchasing, but as a place where customers can come and interact with the bags and hear about the stories of the women behind them.

This is a place where the lives of buyers and makers collide in such an inspiring way.

Customers are able to read the stories of the makers, what we call the Riveter Nation, on an interactive map in the store. Find one of the many stamps on the bag and discover her story.

This bag connects us all.

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  • Melody

    It is awesome to hear that Columbus, Ohio was chosen for the new store!
    Great market area and I’m a little prejudiced because I am born n raised Buckeye. Also wife, daughter, mother, mother-in-law, cousin, and aunt to military Veterans. Love them all! Good luck with the new store.

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Announcing Our Newest Store Location: Columbus, Ohio!