Workhorse Fitness and Yoga

Tiffany Fleeman is the Founder and Lead Instructor of Workhorse Fitness & Yoga. Her journey to becoming a fitness facility owner isn't the usual one. She did not excel at sports from an early age, she wasn't a celebrated high school athlete who went on to major in Sports Management. As a teenager, she begrudgingly joked that she had no natural athletic talent. Tiffany graduated with a degree in Strategic Communications & Business Development from Ohio State University and began her career as a Business Development Manager at a fast­-paced agency. The combination of a high stress job, military life and a nagging sense of professional un-fulfillment led her husband to encourage her to seek stress relief in the gym. Given her lack of confidence in the fitness arena, Tiffany was surprised at how quickly she fell in love with how training made her feel. She realized that whatever natural talent she was lacking, she could make up for in work ethic. As someone who had previously struggled with stress management and low self esteem, the new feelings of calmness and confidence were intoxicating. She knew that helping others discover mental and physical health through exercise was her calling. THIS was the purpose she had been searching for. While working in the corporate world, Tiffany went back to school for fitness related studies and began earning certifications which allowed her to start training clients in the gym outside of her regular work hours. Her appreciation for movement was only magnified when she became part of others' journey to wellness, health and happiness. After a decade in the industry, hundreds of hours of continuing education and experience instructing everywhere from niche boutique studios in big cities to big box gyms in the suburbs, Tiffany and her husband landed in their "forever home," of Southern Pines, NC., where she saw her opportunity to open her own gym.

Workhorse Fitness & Yoga is a comprehensive wellness concept which opened in November of 2019. After surviving her first year in business during the COVID pandemic, Tiffany currently spends her days focusing on her team's culture, growing her community, helping members reach their wellness goals and pursuing her Masters Degree in Physiology & Kinesiology.