The Rosie Way | Three Steps

We believe every woman deserves more than just a handbag. We know you can go get a handbag just about anywhere but we want you to know the difference. For us Rosie the Riveter is a daily reminder to hustle, dig deep, and that what is going on around us isn't as urgent or scary as it sometime feels. That WE can make a difference where we are at. Our bags were born out of that grit and are designed for woman seeking to push through every day life and change the landscape around them just like Rosie. 

Here is what the ROSIE WAY is that we are committed to bring to you as R.Riveter in THREE STEPS:

Honoring Rosie the Riveter with handbags 


Our handbags bags sleek and simple designs help them effortlessly add into any outfit from your wardrobe. R. Riveter commits to helping you look good with a bag on your side that accessorizes flawlessly. Staying on top of trends and creating a bag that fits the style of todays modern working, multitasking, busy woman. Our high quality leather and nylon handbags elevate any outfit. We are committed to helping her LOOK good. 

blue leather handbag



Did you know that you can actually FEEL good about your bag? Have you ever been complimented on your bag? There is nothing that feels better than being proud to say your bag is an R. Riveter bag and not just a bag made overseas or from your nearest box store. Also, where are our moms at? We know you are not exactly top of the list in your life. Investing in a bag that lasts and sees you through makes you feel good. You know you are wearing a bag that is high quality and serves a bigger purpose. Lastly, organization brings peace. Our bags have systems so you have everything you need in one place.  We are committed to helping you find the right bag system that keeps you from endlessly digging to find things. No one has time for that. 

canvas tote stripes


When you put your hard earned money towards a mission driven business - you get to DO good as well. We couldn’t do what we do here with out YOU who purchase and help employ our Riveters. Every bag you purchase you are helping spin our mission further and increasing our impact EVERY day. 

green nylon reveille bags

The Rosie Way | Three Steps