The Hobby Goes To Europe

Bringing Fashion Back To The Builders

I am not a minimalist.

But I do love some of the pillars of the movement.
As someone who has a degree in fashion design, I’ve always been more than a little horrified by the fashion cycle that exists. Growing up, I had friends who went to fast fashion stores every other day just to make sure they were always on top of the latest trend, and not much has changed as those teenagers have turned into young adults who trade in paychecks for shopping bags.

“I call that getting tricked by a business.” - Macklemore

Personally, I’ve always been a detail oriented person. I love hand stitching and I’ve been sewing since I was five. I’ve always loved those little thoughtful details - especially with the clothing I wear. Four years ago, when I decided to move to France I had no idea how my idea of fashion would be changed. I’d never been around an entire culture that valued construction and attention to details. Now, I’m not saying that nobody in France buys fast fashion, because they do. But as a society I found that the people in France value their clothing on a level I had never experienced as an American.

Two years after moving back from Europe, enter: R. Riveter bags.

The first time I saw R. Riveter on Shark Tank I knew it was something I had to be a part of. I just didn’t know how. Fast forward to the opportunity to be an ambassador and I’ve been so incredibly happy to thrive in a community of women who understand what it means to make something that lasts. What’s more, the bags mean something in their own rite. They are built with intention, as they simultaneously build out a intentional platform that supports other women.

What does the world look like when you know who makes what you wear?

In September of this year I ventured back to Paris and London for my birthday and I took along my emerald green Hobby. Usually when I travel, since I’m a backpacker, I travel isn’t really at the top of my list. I usually don’t even take purses with me. But this time was different, because I needed to introduce my Hobby to two of the most fashion forward cities in the world. And let me tell you, that little bag was noticed.

Throughout my trip, I kept seeing people eyeing my bag, trying to get a look at the brand name. Whether I was on the Tube, or just walking down the street, it was a pretty good feeling to have people taking a peek at the label on my purse. It also made me really happy that “American made” was sitting there shining back in gold. Unfortunately the U.S. doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to fashion, despite being filled with so many talented makers.

On another note: The Hobby really is made for city living. I learned that it’s the perfect size to fit a book and the necessities for the day, and that the magnetic snap on the flap provides the peace of mind you need when traveling through mega cities.

For me, the color itself was another beautiful detail. My hobby was part of the 2017 Winter collection and is dyed a beautiful emerald green, which is fitting since I’m from Seattle (also known as The Emerald City). Another one of my favorite features is the length of the handle, which extends long enough to be a cross-body bag, but short enough to be more a shoulder bag. SPOILER: Shoulder bags are all the rage in Europe right now.

It was an obvious choice to bring my Hobby along on a photoshoot I did while I was in Paris, because I was always so used to taking it exploring with me. The pictures turned out so beautifully that I can’t help but share them! My Hobby was the perfect travel companion for day-to-day city life and this little bag can handle a lot more than you might think just from looking at it.

About the Author:

Emilee is an R.Riveter brand ambassador and member of the #BagsonaMisson  Community. A Seattle native, she loves to explore nature, paint geek art, and drink copious amounts of tea. In her spare time you can find her planning her next backpacking trip. 

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