LovePrayShea: Shea Halliburton Wright


Story by: Laura Vien
I was awoken one evening to a late-night text from my friend Shea. It was January 20, 2016. My sweet Shea found out that she had a rare, aggressive cervical cancer. She wanted me to pray. Pray for healing. Pray that it didn’t spread. Pray that she would live through it all. I read her text in disbelief. How could someone, like Shea - the salt of the earth, have cancer?
Cancer. I will never be able to understand it; how it works, or how it begins.
I was furious and heartbroken. Shea had just given birth to her precious baby girl only two months prior. I knew she would get through this. I immediately began to pray. I prayed harder than I ever knew I was capable of. My head soon filled with the thoughts of the family members and friends I had lost to cancer over the years… but not Shea. I knew she would pull through. She was too good to this earth to leave it. She made me a better Christian, a better friend and a better human being. I needed her. This world needed her.

Through the chemo treatments, Shea remained positive. She brought her beautiful personality into the lives of so many through her photography and the way she captured and documented moments in time.

Lorilee Rager, a close friend of Shea, created #LovePrayShea. It began as cute bracelets, printed with the hashtag, as a reminder to pray for our sweet Shea. But, the hashtag and Shea’s story began to reach the hearts of so many; I have never seen so many people come together to show their gratitude and love for anyone through prayer and worship. The outpouring of love was heard, felt and seen, near and far. I began to hear stories of people who had lost their way, but were inspired go back to church, just to pray for Shea.
#LovePrayShea became more than just one woman.
It was a calling, a light in the dark for those who had once lost faith. A reminder that we are all we have in this life; our connections to each other and our faith. Shea was scanned clear of cancer in July.

A huge weight lifted. My prayers, along with so many others, had been answered and Shea would go on to live a long and happy life. She would be the mommy that her beautiful little girl deserved and continue to touch the lives of everyone who had the privilege of knowing her. I had the opportunity experience Shea’s bright light in a very personal way. She has always supported me. When I moved to North Carolina, in July 2014, she helped me overcome my fears. When I made tough, life decisions, she was always there; inspiring me to follow my dreams and become the person that she knew I could be. So, when I found R. Riveter in August 2014, I couldn’t wait to share the news with Shea. She loved the mission as much as I did and purchased products to support the company and her friend. I was also blessed to have served with her on a mission trip to Honduras in March of 2015. We became very close and I knew she would always be there for me.
Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I'll miss you, until we meet again.
On August 25, 2016, Elizabeth Shea Halliburton Wright left this world to join the angels in heaven. It was unexpected, and shook everyone’s world. When I received the news, I felt as if the ground would give way below my feet. How could such a beautiful and selfless soul be taken from us so soon – when she had so much more to give to her family and the world? As many of us do in times of grief, we begin to question our faith. But then, I remembered that Shea would have wanted to us to walk proudly in the light. She would have wanted us to celebrate her life, and use her passing as a way to become closer as a community. She would have wanted us to love. She would have wanted us to pray.

I will never again question why Shea had to leave us when she did. She brought more joy into the world in her thirty-four years than many of us can hope to share in thirty-four lifetimes. God had a very special plan for Shea, and now she watches over us all. She guides us, every single day, to follow our hearts, live life to the fullest, cherish each moment and love without regrets.

I love you Shea. Until we meet again.

Living Legacy

The #LovePrayShea Collection

{20% of all proceeds to be donated to the Shea Halliburton Wright Memorial Trust Fund}


The #LovePrayShea campaign was created out of love for Shea. We, at R. Riveter, and our friends at CharlieMadison Originals, Stella Valle & Southern Elegance Candle Co., have been so inspired by this beautiful and powerful woman; a woman that always chose others over herself, a loving mother, wife, a talented photographer who loved life. Her smile was contagious and if we could only live our lives like Shea did, this world would certainly be a better place.
In honor of Shea Halliburton Wright, and as a future gift from her to her daughter, a Shea Halliburton Wright Memorial Trust Fund was established dedicated to Eva’s future educational needs. 20% of proceeds will be donated to the trust fund.
Additional monetary donations may be mailed to:
F&M Bank
C/O Shea Halliburton Wright Trust Fund
50 Franklin Street
Clarksville, TN. 37040