Honoring Rosie the Riveter





Rosie the Riveter was a former housewife who turned into a war hero in the 1940’s. Rosie rose out of her normal day-to-day to build the machinery necessary to fight and win World War II. She symolbizes patriotism, strength and the hustle and grit we believe in here at R. Riveter. We honor her legacy by creating handbags to employ military spouses not to find military spouses to make handbags. We believe in being a company and woman who work hard to solve a problem like Rosie.

We believe in the true strength and power that lives in each of us. We are the leaders, heroes, history makers, explorers, lovers, caregivers, and magicians who have and will continue to invest in, support, and connect our communities. That’s what makes us powerful and timeless. We’re a community of one - past and present. We are the makers of a movement – one which meets our team and our customers where they are today, and empowers through inclusiveness, connection, and encouragement to be the best version of yourself.​
Our foundation is in encouraging and empowering women to challenge the status quo and to have the courage and conviction to work towards their dreams. We exemplify this by empowering American military spouses with income opportunities that are uninhibited by geography.
The company has forged its brand through the history and pride of Rosie the Riveter from the demonstrated resolve of hands that assemble to the completed product delivered. To be Riveter made means to exude the pride of America in every detail - from our work ethic, our dreams, to our love of family and country.
We believe when the work needs done, we can be the one to do it. When you are faced with the with the challenges of the unknown, with the uphill battle or the challenge – ask yourself:

What would Rosie do?

Answer: Girl, throw your hair up and get after it.

Honoring Rosie the Riveter