Honoring an American Hero, Elinor Otto

It's not everyday you meet an American Hero that has inspired an entire movement - one which has sparked insatiable fires within women across the country.

Meet Elinor Otto, an original “Rosie the Riveter” and the inspiration behind our beloved “Otto”
This past weekend, R.Riveter’s own liner Riveter, Erica (RR195) presented Elinor with a Special Edition Rosie the Riveter Otto at the March Field Air Museum in Riverside, California.


When WWII began and men were pulled away from their jobs to serve their country, Elinor Otto was one of the nearly 6 million women who went to work to keep the country moving forward. 

The plane pictured above was one of Mrs. Otto's favorites to build - the P38 Lightening. She worked until 2014 when she was laid off when the BOEING Plant shut down operations. She was responsible for working on every single C-17 plane that went through that plant.


Each R.Riveter handbag is named after a woman in history who has made an impact on our country. The Otto is a special handbag which not only pays homage to an incredible woman, but also  empowers military spouses today. More than five spouses take part in crafting each Otto handbag, from construction, to quality control, shipping and sales.  

Constructed with Cone Denim to represent the well-known Rosie Coveralls, and tied with a telltale red scarf, this Special Edition Otto honors each Rosie who worked to keep the country moving during WWII. The Cone denim material produced in the 100-year-old White Oak Mill is a nod to American heritage, grit and the entrepreneurial spirit which has revolutionized manufacturing over the last century.  

Until Elinor’s 99th birthday on October 28, 2018, R.Riveter will be offering customers 10% off the Special Edition “Rosie the Riveter” Otto, and will also be donating $10 for each Special Edition Otto purchase to the Spirit of '45 Rosie the Riveter Memorial Rose Garden Campaign - to ensure the legacy of all the dedicated Rosies lives on for generations to come.


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