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Elinor Otto - She made history, and now it's our turn. 

Come sit down as we tell you about a real Rosie the Riveter. The longest working one, at that. Elinor Otto went to work on aircraft just weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor. She was a single mother and earned $0.65 an hour wielding a rivet gun, helping build aircraft for the war. When the war ended and soldiers returned to US soil, thousands of women were let go from their jobs, and Elinor tried her hand at clerical work. The problem was she couldn't sit still - she missed building planes, and she missed being in the factories.

Elinor spent 70 years in aviation production at Boeing and likes to make it known that she was laid off at the age of 95 when they stopped making the C-17s - she didn't quit! 

Today, Elinor is 99 and feelin' fine, serving as a role model for girls and women everywhere. Her secret? Just keep moving! She gets up at 4 a.m. each day and tries to stay active

Fun fact: Elinor owns TWO of her R.Riveter namesake bags!


The Signature Otto from R.Riveter on Vimeo.


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