Adventures of The Traveling Corbin Backpack

Crafted for those who dare to explore, push boundaries, and reach new heights, the Corbin Backpack is true to its namesake. This summer, we asked our biggest fans to take the Corbin along on their adventures.
Follow along on the journey of the traveling Corbin!


Murfreesboro, TN

"I proudly carried this Corbin around the campus of MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN, to a historic mill in Readyville, TN, and down to Hurlburt Air Force Base in sunny Florida for a weekend visit with my parents.

It’s functional for when I’m with the kids, but doesn’t scream “MOM BAG” when I carry it places alone.  Every detail is classic and chic, and that’s how I felt carrying it. I liked wearing it as a traditional backpack when I was with both kids, and usually carried it over my shoulder out by myself..The open pockets within the exterior flap kept my phone handy, and were great for easy portable charging. It was the perfect bag to tote around town for work (fit my MacBook Air perfectly!), outings with the kids, and for weekend travel. This is THE bag for on-the-go women!" 

-Ashton M.


Washington, DC

This Corbin’s adventure included: Setting up the U.S. National Arboretum’s Herb Garden for the Potomac Chapter of Meeting Planner's International Summer Sizzle. palling around DC vendor industry events with our catering partners, Purple Onion, and  ending her journey this weekend at the inaugural @mcneesethomas_group @congressionalclub wedding events.


Fayetteville, North Carolina

"I knew my summer was going to be spent close to home, but I was determined to get the most out of my time with the Corbin! So I started by packing it up and taking it with me for a few meetings and fun in Historical Downtown Fayetteville, NC."

"I was able to fit my 13″ Macbook Air, notebook, pens, phone, chargers, wallet and more within the roomy Corbin. I walked around for half the day and the backpack was light, comfortable and easy to access. I was in love!"
- Tiffany H.


Nashville, Tennessee

 "I had the pleasure of carrying this beauty around Music City." 

"Equipped with solid brass hardware, all the clasps are heavy duty and the zippers are durable and user friendly. With an array of pockets and storage options, the Corbin has just enough storage possibilities for the minimalist or this on-the-go-mama."
- Laura V.


Singapore + Vietnam 

I took the Corbin to Vietnam and to Singapore. We’re moving there and we had to find a house to live in and schools for the kids. We had meetings at universities, international schools, at the US embassy, and with realtors.


"The Corbin was THE BEST travel companion — she withstood *many* flights, can carry and organize all your important travel documents, complements any outfit, and you don’t have to worry about  your bag flying off when you’re holding on for dear life on the back of a motorbike. "

-Justine D.



Charleston, South Carolina

"The traveling Corbin got to spend a sunshine week in South Carolina. With the bag in tow, we ventured to the beach on Fripp Island. We also took a trip into Charleston, where we explored Magnolia Estate and Gardens and shopped in downtown Charleston."

"The bag was the perfect companion to hold everything safely on my back and received all the compliments!"

Erica G.


Fort Sill, Oklahoma

The Traveling Corbin made a stop here in sunny Oklahoma. I had the perfect opportunity to use the backpack while going to my children’s baseball and softball games.


"I just LOVE the Corbin. As a non-stop, Army-strong Mom, I need a super handy bag that I can take anywhere.


I really liked that I could take the bag hands-free to capture that perfect film from the game. The Corbin was able to hold my camera, snacks and sunflower seeds, and an extra water bottle. A little baseball/softball diamond dirt never affected this handbag; a quick brush off and it was good to go."

- Jenn S.



Monterey County, California

"The black on black Corbin and I went all over Monterey County, California. From Fisherman's Wharf, Historic Cannery Row, The Monterey Bay Aquarium...even down into Pebble Beach, Carmel by the Sea, and over to Big Sur.
Our biggest adventure was over to Yosemite National Park in California. During this trip, we hiked to waterfalls and gazed at all the natural beauty."

"The Corbin is hands down my favorite R. Riveter bag! The bag itself is multifunctional as it can go from a backpack to saddle without compromising the beauty of the bag. The thing I liked most about the Corbin was the fit on my back. I've tried a variety of backpacks (having a 9 month old, I need both hands free at all times) and they all seemed to be "one size fits all." The Corbin didn't pull on my shoulders even when I packed it full and it didn't feel like I had been carrying around a rucksack. It was an immediate natural and stylish fit. Overall, 10 stars!"

Elizabeth B.


West Point, New York

“My time with the Corbin was a whirlwind which is how I know it’s the kind of bag that’s up for anything. In the same week, my fiancé graduated from West Point, we got married (throwing all the little things I forgot to pack last minute into the Corbin, heck yes), then we drove 8+ hours to my home state for a funeral. The Corbin was along for every step of that wild week and made my life so much easier. I didn’t have to worry about my bag constantly falling off of my shoulder, was able to maneuver luggage and a wedding dress hands free, and felt like the bag made me look less like the hot mess I definitely was.”

"Let me just say that I normally hate backpacks. I'm not exaggerating when I say I look like a little preschooler in most backpacks because of how large they are on my frame. The Corbin is a perfect size and has my favorite feature in a backpack: lots of pockets. I was able to lug around a laptop, two cameras, and goodness knows what else in this thing! It's also convertible into a crossbody which is seriously innovative. I don't think there's anything this backpack can't handle, just like it's fierce namesake and all of my fellow military spouses out there."

Darrian C. 


Minneapolis MN

"I was able to test drive the backpack on a recent trip.  Flying with a child in tow helped me really see what this bag could do!
 When I travel with my 4 year old daughter I need to carry with me my personal items like planner, laptop, books, headphones, and wallet but I also need snacks for both of us and a few things to keep her busy."
"The large inside pocket held a TON of stuff and didn't feel so large that I lost items at the bottom.  There was also one extra zipper pocket inside that I could put items for safe keeping.  The pockets on the front were convenient for holding my phone, ID, earbuds, and chapstick plus there was one additional zipper pocket on under the outside flap that had plenty of room."
"Overall this bag is fashionable and functions and is manufactured by a company the supports military spouses and provides them with flexible, mobile income!  I'd say that's a win and something I can get on board with!"
Amy C.


Chicago, Illinois

"I travel a lot for work and with my life constantly being on the go, the Corbin was exactly what I needed. I loved how many pockets it had, how it doubled as a backpack and a cross-body bag and the sleek design."

" I received at least four compliments alone on how the bag looked so professional. The outside pockets were fantastic for items that I needed easy access to - like my passport, keys, earbuds and phone. Plus, with the neutral colors and design of the bag -- it went with every outfit!"

Bean M.


San Diego, California

"The Corbin and I traveled to San Diego where I was on a leadership retreat with other women from my health and wellness company."

"This backpack is the most versatile bags I own. The Corbin is ideal for travel & exploring new places; and when I'm back home, it totes laptop notebook and water bottle perfectly to work from the coffee shop."

Christin D.


Jacksonville, Florida

"My adventures with the Corbin started out on my birthday, - I turned 24 for the 4th time (27) and we spent the day exploring our new city of Jacksonville, FL. We got donuts, went to the beach, and bought all the things at Home Goods! A few days later I met up with a friend for lunch and we spent some time at Treaty Oak At 250 years old it is the oldest living thing in Jacksonville. It even pre-dates the city! It was so incredible to learn a little history about our new home."

"The Corbin has officially become my favorite mom bag! It can easily fit everything I need for my babe as well as myself. The extra pockets are perfect to keep my stuff separate and having a backpack for baby things is just so convenient. I don’t have to worry about straps sliding off while I’m trying to hold a little wiggle worm!"

Chelsea C.


Atlanta, Georgia

"The Corbin backpack had to be one of the best backpacks I've ever used!! I brought it with me to Georgia where I attended a wedding in late spring. It was perfect for the exploring I did during the day and even cute as my "purse" at the wedding at night."

"I would recommend the Corbin to anyone looking for a cute new multiuse bag. It truly is perfect for traveling, school, work, or a fun night out. And the size is spot on. It is not too big and not too small. I fit my laptop, 40 oz. Hydro Flask water bottle, journal, planner, wallet and a few nicknacks in while I traveled. The style is fresh, modern, and ready for you to use. Need a new light weight style backpack? Get the Corbin."

Hannah D.


Maui, Hawaii

 "The Corbin travelled to Hawaii with me for vacation and right off the bat the versatility of the Corbin shone through. The crossbody strap allowed me to carry both the Corbin and my larger carry-on bag which was also a backpack. Once we arrived at our destination I simply swapped the straps back to the backpack configuration and headed out the door hands free."
"My two favorite features of the bag were the interchangeable straps that allow you to go from backpack to crossbody, and the number of pockets."

Mollie T.


Charleston, South Carolina

"I carried the Corbin while exploring the Charleston area. It was the perfect size for carrying a days’ worth of essentials. Adventures included: downtown Charleston, Boone Plantation tours & much more!"

"The Corbin was the perfect handsfree bag for a weekend of summer adventures. It’s light and comfortable style made it ideal for walking around in the summer heat. It fit all my weekend essentials: camera, phone, wallet, sunglasses, snacks & water bottle. The nicest thing about carrying it as a backpack is that the weight is distributed evenly for long-term comfort."
Colleen B.


Merritt Island, Florida

"While I didn't quite conquer the world while wearing the Corbin, it was definitely a welcome companion for our daily lives. I carried it everywhere - from work to our local gardens/greenhouse. Not only was it a wonderful way to keep my hands free while chasing around my two little ones, but it looked and felt beautiful. I was amazed at how many folks stopped to ask where it was from!"

 "This backpack is beyond dreamy. Not only does it look beautiful and classic, but the quality is beyond compare. The leather against canvas gives the Corbin the most elegant look while making it simple to wipe down. The flap covering the inner pockets made my items feel very secure. Of course, the backpack feature was my personal favorite, but I was surprised at how useful the extra strap was at transforming it into a messenger bag! When using my back carrier for my toddler, I was easily able to still use the Corbin as a crossbody bag."

Mary V.


Seattle, Washington

"During my time with The Corbin I took it on a couple of adventures, one of my favorites being a trip to the University of Washington. The University really is a world of its own and has some beautiful buildings and a hall that looks like it's straight out of Harry Potter. It's also situated on a lake, which made our day trip truly lovely."

"Something I loved about The Corbin was how well it transitioned from being a crossbody bag to a backpack, and how silky smooth the straps on the backpack were. As an added bonus the backpack structurally held amazingly and just looked so classy! "

Emilee M.





Nashville, Tennessee

"As my husband and I packed up our truck for our first road trip since the little one was born, I waited impatiently for my Corbin to arrive. I could not wait to get my hands on this gorgeous bag! I stalked the mailman as he drove through the neighborhood and delivered mail but no packages yet. When the bag arrived, I opened it immediately and gushed over the beautiful details. The signature R. Riveter leather flap, the quality of the straps, and all the pockets! With the new baby in tow, we set out on our trip to Nashville and St. Louis as I transferred all the essentials from my purse and diaper bag to the Corbin. Everything fit perfectly."


"I was able to tote around a camera, zipper pouch, diapers, wipes, a blanket, change of clothes and a couple baby toys in style. I love the versatility of this bag. I was able to carry all the baby items without carrying a giant diaper bag. I received a number of compliments and was excited to show off the backpack. My Corbin, my baby and I went to family gatherings, brunch, a museum, and many pit stops on our trip. I absolutely love this bag!"

Danie H.
From weekend excursions, to weddings, and trips abroad, the Corbin proved to be everyone’s beloved travel companion.  Where will your next adventure be? Shop the Corbin and let us know about your adventures by tagging us and using #BagsonaMission.