Meet the Corbin


Thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted, the Corbin Backpack is a versatile, trendy handbag made for the empowered woman. Equipped with convertible crossbody strap, it easily transitions to a Messenger Bag allowing for multiple functions, no matter where your adventures take you. 




What’s In a Name?  

 The Corbin Backpack is named in honor of Margaret Corbin, a remarkable woman who fought during the American Revolutionary War despite the status of women during her time.  A nurse by trade, Corbin decided to join her husband during a battle, where they both fought alongside the hundreds of men battling the British troops. During battle, her husband fell in action, and Corbin bravely took his place at the cannon and continued to fire until she was too seriously injured to continue. She became the first woman to ever receive military pension and has a memorial at West Point Cemetery.  


The legacy Margaret Corbin left behind inspires bravery, confidence and adventure in each and every one of us.  Made for the bold and daring – those willing to break barriers and reach new heights - the Corbin is the perfect companion. 



Style Meets Function  

Quality construction meets functional design with the Corbin. The result is a handbag so versatile, it can transition from a weekend adventure, to a farmer’s market, to a day out with the kids - as seamless as your favorite pair of flats.   



The Corbin is outfitted with gold D-Ring tabs and an additional strap which allows it to easily convert to a crossbody bag. All straps are adjustable, allowing you to find the most comfortable fit.  


Intentionally crafted to fit your essentials like a glove, with exterior and interior pockets that organize accessories for work, travel, and play – the Corbin is truly a handbag with function.  The main compartment of the bag is large enough to fit a laptop, planner, and charger. An interior zipper pocket is perfect for storing smaller items.  


Behind the signature R.Riveter leather flap is another zipper pocket and three additional storage pockets. 


A thoughtfully designed convertible Backpack or Messenger Bag, the Corbin is the R.Riveter handbag you've been waiting for.   



All the Rave 

Don’t take our word for it. See what our brand ambassadors are saying: 

"The Corbin is hands down my favorite 
R.Riveter bag! The bag itself is multifunctional as it can go from a backpack to saddle without compromising the beauty. The thing I liked most about the Corbin was the fit on my back. I've tried a variety of backpacks (having a 9 month old, I need both hands free at all times) and they all seemed to be "one size fits all." The Corbin didn't pull on my shoulders even when I packed it full and it didn't feel like I had been carrying around a rucksack. It was an immediate natural and stylish fit. Overall, 10 stars! "
-Elizabeth B.     

"When I travel with my 4 year old daughter, I need to carry my personal items like planner, laptop, books, headphones, and wallet but I also need snacks for both of us and a few things to keep her busy. The large inside pocket held a TON of stuff and didn't feel so large that I lost items at the bottom.  There was also one extra zipper pocket inside that I could put items for safe keeping.  The pockets on the front were convenient for holding my phone, ID, earbuds, and Chapstick, plus there was one additional zipper pocket on under the outside flap that had plenty of room."
"Anytime I'm out with a child I love having the option to wear a backpack versus a shoulder bag.  Even more so when flying because I can always use an extra hand while navigating through the security check point and boarding the plane.  Wearing a backpack leaves my hands free for whatever I need to carry or grab quickly.  This backpack felt super comfortable on.  The large pocket in the back which normally holds your straps when not in use was where I stored the iPad.  It was against my back when I wore the bag but it was never uncomfortable.  The straps were very easy to adjust.  I am loving this new bag from R. Riveter.  I was able to test drive the backpack on a recent trip.  Flying with a child in tow helped me really see what this bag could do! " 
 -Amy C. 




"This backpack is the most versatile bag I own. The Corbin is ideal for travel & exploring new places; and when I'm back home, it totes my laptop, notebook, and water bottle perfectly to work from the coffee shop. "
-Christin D.