Mrs. Grant: The Original "Bag On A Mission"

Our first bag needed to have a name as special as our mission. Our original bag, The Grant, was named after Julia Dent Grant, wife of General Ulysses S. Grant. She was the ultimate definition of what it means to be a military spouse. Grant, who eventually became First Lady, supported her husband and their family during the toughest times. She was separated from her husband as he served in the Civil War, a time where communication was slow, where the instant-gratification of phones lines and the internet were still decades away. We needed a name that embodied the toughness of our first bag, and we found it in Mrs. Grant.

We created The Grant with a goal to incorporate all it means to be a military spouse – or, member of the “silent ranks.” Their lives are hectic enough, so the bag had to be simple. But it also had to be just like the spouses themselves: refined, authentic, strong and bold.

Not only is The Grant our first R. Riveter bag, it’s one of our best-selling bags. Its size and features make it versatile – The Grant can be used as a gym bag, diaper bag, camera bag, beach bag or for just everyday use. For our customers, the bag is like finding that one perfect pair of jeans: comfortable, yet stylish and simplistic. Because of our customer satisfaction and bag diversity, we don’t have any plans to change The Grant in the future, other than the addition of new colors.

At its core, The Grant propels R. Riveter’s mission to provide portable income to military spouses. Each independent contractor has their own responsibility, which means that by the time it gets to the customer, The Grant has been through the hands of approximately nine to twelve military-spouse Riveters. Not only has it passed through a number of people, but bag pieces have been all over the country. The Grant’s parts and pieces have seen the mountains of Colorado, the sandy beaches of Florida, the beautiful Cherry Blossoms of Washington state and the rocky hills of Tennessee. The end result is a truly one-of-a-kind, American handmade product.