Trailblazing Women - Caitlin Trainer

The secret to staying motivated when balancing work, raising little ones, and staying connected with your spouse—and actually enjoying it along the way. 


Meet Caitlin. She’s a successful entrepreneur running two businesses, a mother, a wife, and frankly an all-around warrior of a woman. What makes Caitlin a trailblazer is her innovation when it comes to work. She’s created a new way of working that helps her evolve creatively season after season.   

Let’s get to know her a bit better, shall we? 

Caitlin is a photographer and personal trainer that lives in rural Ohio. She has always had a passion for capturing beautiful and intimate moments with her camera but never dreamt it would become a larger role, so she put more energy into personal training. As more photography gigs started falling into her lap, instead of choosing one career, she chose both. *insert record scratch* 


So, we were dying to know, how does one run two businesses and tend to family matters? 

Caitlin feels there are three elements that are key to her success. The first is that her busy times tend to come in waves, depending on the season. You’ll likely find her running around with her camera in the warmer weather shooting weddings and family portraits, but come winter, many are thinking about getting their summer bod ready and need Caitlin’s incredible motivational skills to push them to their fullest potential.  

The second element Caitlin says is ultra-helpful is the practice of using both the creative and logistical sides of her brain simultaneously. Running her businesses takes vision and requires her to constantly adapt, like virtual Zoom training during the pandemic. While she keeps her creative ideas fresh, she’s also the one who does the paperwork and organizes her schedule to stay on top of it all, and she challenges herself to apply her individuality to solve business problems and explore new ways to be efficient. 


Lastly, she says the final element to success is surrounding yourself with a team that rallies around you. For her, it’s her husband, parents, and in-laws who are constantly extending encouragement in the form of words—and yes, sometimes they help keep an eye on little ones so she can focus on her work.  

At this point you’re probably wondering the same thing as us: “So how does she do it all and actually enjoy it?”   

Most importantly she says she has chosen things she loves to do. But we know that even when you do something you’re passionate about, it can become strenuous. So Caitlin evens it all out by visiting trendy coffee shops, hanging at breweries with her husband, planning activities in nature, and spending some quality time with her sister and mom. These are things that keep her grounded (she even jokes that you’ll typically find her running around barefoot) and fuel her inspiration.   

Caitlin is our trailblazer whose purpose is rooted in capturing moments that clients will cherish forever in healthier bodies that will carry them on to their next adventure.  

To see Caitlin's work, check out her website here