How taking risks and never looking back can be the best thing for you and your career.


Meet Quinn. She’s a beach gal through and through. She’s also a spouse to her husband of 19 years, a mother of three, and an insanely talented maker of jewelry. What makes Quinn a trailblazer is her creativity to create her own work and her braveness to take risks doing what she loves. 

Since she grew up in Southern California, Quinn’s love for the ocean started at a very young age. When she moved to Oahu, Hawaii her love for the ocean remained. This is where she met her husband who is in the military and this is where her trailblazing story begins in a way. When she first met her boo thang, she was working in medical device sales, but she quickly found that with all the relocation due to the military, it would be tough to hold this position. Her company agreed and soon after canceled her contract. It was hard on her—but then she got the best advice, “stop looking back. Just look forward in the direction you want to go.”  


So where exactly did she want to go you ask? 


Quinn had a passion for making jewelry. She decided she wanted to be in control of her own schedule and start a business she could take with her move after move. It was risky, but she believed in herself and her craftsmanship. What keeps her going back to her craft day after day is her love for creativity and the ability to be inspired by other women and the nature around her. She says that when she’s not working you can almost always find her out exploring. Unsurprisingly she loves camping, hiking, beachin’ it all day, and well, pretty much anything outdoors. We know you’re probably wondering and the answer is yes, her work is inspired by nature and she even uses elements like freshwater pearls in her pieces to bring nature closer to her customers (and let us tell you—it is stunning). 


As she continues to trailblaze her own path, she wants to encourage the next generation with words once given to her. “You can’t change the past, but you can blaze a new trail forward. Don’t get stuck on believing there is only one path for you. Be open to new and different opportunities and be willing to take some risks. You have to be willing to fail to succeed.”  


Quinn’s idea of bridging the gap between nature and humanity with jewelry is what makes her a trailblazing woman. Her willingness to fail in order to succeed and her risk of leaving behind classic methods of work to fight for a career she loves is truly inspirational. 


This collaboration with Quinn Sharp is particularly special to us gals at R.Riveter because Quinn is a military spouse herself. She grew up in beach cities where her love for the ocean began and the peace that came with it grew deeper. Her pieces are all handmade and include elements of nature which she says is “where mental, physical, and spiritual well-being come together.”