Riveter’s Heirloom Collection: Your Heritage, Your Materials, Your Story.

Riveter’s Heirloom Collection: Your Heritage, Your Materials, Your Story,

The R. Riveter Heirloom Collection is about giving those materials that carry so many stories, a new life.


Uniform into an Heirloom Otto with black leather trim
Heirloom (heritage) Collection bags

From left to right: The Heirloom Otto with brown or black leather trim ($305), The Heirloom Hobby with brown or black leather trim ($260), The Heirloom Patton with brown or black leather trim ($220), The Heirloom Whittle with brown or black leather trim ($140).

Heirloom (Heritage) Zipper Pouch + Dopp kit bag

The Heirloom Zipper Pouch with brown or black leather trim ($75), The Heirloom Dopp Kit with brown or black leather trim ($135).

Heirloom is a program that transforms YOUR well-loved materials into stunning and unique bags. Send in a loved one’s uniform, blanket, duffel bag, or other materials, to create a personalized handbag with memories of them all over it. We made it effortless—a style survey allows you to send in photos of your materials and to tell us what your preference is when it comes to leather color, size of the bag, and what aspects of the material you want to be showcased so you receive a handbag you’ll love forever.

Transform an old military uniform, blanket, duffle bag, or other materials into a keepsake you will cherish forever. How, you ask? We’ll walk you through it.
  1. Grab your materials

  2. Choose from one of our six available Heirloom Styles, there can be more than one out of a material depending on the size and what you would like to order - those bundles will be available in the design survey.

  3. Clean your materials, trust us, once they are in a bag - you’ll be happy you did!

  4. Fill out the design survey and check out!

  5. We send you a “mailing kit” you send it back to us with your items using the prepaid shipping label.

  6. Our Heirloom Operators work their magic (give the process about 6-8 weeks).

  7. We send you the finished product to carry with you every day.



Get more ideas from our Heirloom Gallery here!


Pro Tip: We absolutely love Up-cycling Military Materials with a story, but this collection is not limited to those items. Check these out:

Mustang Jacket

Personal Leather jacket Otto with Black trim

Fire + First Responders

First Responder Gear Whittle and Otto with Brown trim.


Boy Scout Uniform Otto with Brown Trim



Still not sure?  Give us a call and we can help answer any questions you have. 

(910) 725-1010

Or come see us at our Flagship Store in Southern Pines, NC less than an hour from Ft. Bragg, NC.


MORE INFO (from timing to discount policy) in our FAQ HERE!


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