Our bags are more than just a bag. Our bags change lives.

Do you love our products and our mission? Let’s partner together!  Our R. Riveter Affiliates is an amazing opportunity for you to join us and help build up our community. Not only will you be able to give back to the military families we support but with every purchase made through your custom link, you earn a commission for sharing the message!

Here is who we believe makes the best R. Riveter Affiliate partner:

  1. A motivated, hardworking woman who loves functionality and understands what we mean when we say “our bags are like a great pair of jeans”. We want her to represent the longevity and quality of our product.

  2. An American Patriot who takes pride in supporting her country and its economy. We find this so important because our mission started with providing meaningful opportunity to military spouses that they can keep as the relocate every 2-3 years. As we grow and scale, our hearts will always be rooted in impacting military families for the better.

  3. A woman who loves fashion and at the same time appreciates how effortless our bags pair with anything in her wardrobe. She knows how to pair it with all different styles and appreciates our designs authenticity and versatility.


What are the details?

  1. When you come on as an R. Riveter Affiliate we will provide you with a custom link. This link is how we will track every referral you make. You will earn 10% of every sale! Are you in the military community? Amazing! We provide 15% commissions to all our affiliates who are military once their military affiliation has been validated.

  2. We will provide you with branded materials and the inside scoop on new releases. We want to partner with you hand in hand to be the first to help spread the word about what’s about to drop.

  3. We will provide you with a generous 60-day Cookie Duration

  4. You’ll receive exclusive deals and promotions for only our affiliate partners

  5. Product samples for select partners

  6. 20% off Military, First Responder, Teacher, and Student Discount

Are you ready to join the mission and change lives with us?
Sign up here:
If you are in LTK/RewardStyle and prefer to work using that platform, just search for “R. Riveter” in your dashboard to get started as an affiliate partner.
If you have any questions, please reach out to affiliates@rriveter.com