Top 6 Reasons We Love Working With Mark Cuban

After 9 seasons, hundreds of pitches, and over $100 million investments to-date, it's incredible to think that ABC's Shark Tank is inching closer to Season 10!

We believe the show has inspired America to dream a little bigger, reinvigorating the entrepreneurial spirit in thousands of men and women across the nation. Each deal the Sharks have made is an investment in people, companies and dreams – and we could not be more humbled to have been a part of such an incredible milestone! 

One of the most common questions we get is “How do you like working with Mark Cuban?” The answer is easy – we LOVE it. Below are some of the top reasons we love working with Mark and his team.

Top 6 Reasons We Love Working With Mark Cuban

  1. We are so inspired by Mark’s school of thought. He is always looking 10 steps ahead, and constantly encourages us to think ahead of the game.

  2. Mark doesn’t overcomplicate things - he makes complex business issues very simple. Mark’s entire team is incredible – they share lessons learned from other Shark Tank companies they have invested in, so we can all learn from each other.

  3. Mark grounds us. We are constantly in awe – despite his hectic schedule and demands coming from all angles, he maintains an incredibly positive demeanor. Whenever we’re doing a speaking or public event, we always joke that we need to “channel Mark.” His energy is infectious!

  4. Mark is the digital Shark we needed. He had great ideas about how to improve the website, and how to share the R.Riveter story across digital platforms right away.

  5. We love that Mark invests in veteran owned companies. His investments have helped create a network of military spouse or veteran owned companies, and we are constantly in contact, learning from and supporting each other.

  6. Mark is a great motivator to be a metric-based business. He encourages us to work smarter, and use data to inform all our business decisions. Data doesn’t lie, after all!