Makers Series 2023: Christy Tremblay

In a celebration of artistry and resilience, R. Riveter is thrilled to introduce Christy Tremblay as our featured maker for the Annual Makers Series. A self-taught artist with a military family background, Christy's work reflects her deep connection to nature, travel, and her ever-changing surroundings. 

Christy's artistry is a testament to adaptability. Born in Tampa, Florida, and raised in Kirkland, Washington, she embarked on a journey marked by constant relocations. Her art became her anchor, echoing the colors and textures of her evolving world. 

Her creative process is a captivating narrative, with each piece evolving through layers of media. It's a reflection of her ever-changing experiences and emotions. Through her art, she invites us to explore her world, offering a profound connection. 

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What does this print mean to you? Is there any backstory you can talk about it or how you were inspired to create this artwork? 
The two paintings in this collaboration are very special and I am so excited to see them printed on the Wilson bag and scarf. 
 “Destin on the Horizon” is an original mixed media painting (acrylic paints, oil pastel, and paper) it measures 22 x 30.5 inches and is inspired by trips taken to Destin, Florida, while living at Fort Moore in Columbus, Georgia (formerly known as Fort Benning) and my love of the color palette and textures of the ocean.  This piece is painted on Korean mulberry paper (hanji) which is made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree and the mucilage from the roots of Hibiscus manihot, which aids in holding the pulp fibers together adding strength and durability to the paper.  
I purchased this particular piece of mulberry paper, while living in Pyeongtaek, South Korea at Camp Humphreys in 2019 to 2021.  My favorite local art shop called Dream Depot in Paengseong (near Camp Humphreys) was a shop where I could find many of my acrylic paint colors, canvases, and papers. I loved shopping in this quaint second story store and always wished that I could have a conversation with the Korean Store clerk. She was usually there on my visits and was always so helpful. I loved how she would gently wrap my hanji papers - rolling them so carefully and tying a ribbon around to secure them.  I brought a stack of these beautiful papers back to the U.S.A. with me, knowing that I would want to paint on them for future pieces. 
The original painting, “Destin on the Horizon” will hang in the R. Riveter flagship store in Southern Pines, NC and the second piece in this collaboration, “Journey Within” will be printed on the scarf that embellishes the Wilson Bag. This piece is from my “Blur” series, painted in Fort Meade, MD, where I currently live. It is very layered and textured with my favorite blue hues and is inspired by my deep emotions of yet another move and recreating my creative space and community. “I’ve been here before, so many moves. What number of art studios is this? I can’t recall. The word BLUR comes to mind…maybe a new series”… 

This curated accessory is extremely limited. There were only 144 produced. Take one home today and carry transformative power of creativity with you everywhere.  

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