Since The Tank

It's hard to believe it has been almost four months since our co-founders, Cameron Cruse + Lisa Bradley, walked into the Shark Tank... and here we go -- DIVING IN AGAIN!
Since making a deal on Shark Tank with serial entrepreneur, Mark Cuban - for $100,000 - We have made some pretty amazing + inspiring changes here at R. Riveter! We invite you to learn more about our new Riveters, production process, new production location + outreach efforts below!


When our episode of Shark Tank aired on Friday, February 5, 2016, we had 13 Remote Riveters (Military Spouses working coast to coast) and only 11 local Operators working from the back of our retail location, assembling our handbags from the parts + pieces that were sent in.  Today, we are so excited to announce that our company is continuing to grow by leaps + bounds! We have been able to provide so many more Military Spouses with the opportunity to work from home! Our team now includes 31 Remote Riveters and 21 local Operators.
"I had been looking for a job for months that would allow me to stay at home and raise my daughter. When I saw the R. Riveter spot on Shark Tank, I was greatly impressed by what I saw and heard. I distinctly remember thinking, "I would be so proud to be a part of that!" And I am! This job has changed my life in so many ways, and I can honestly say that I love it! It is hard for me to believe that out of so many applicants, I was chosen to become a Riveter. It is an amazing feeling to be a part of something so much bigger than myself, and to be a contributor to "American Handmade." -Tavia | Remote Riveter
A little Remote Riveters Fun Fact: Up until the airing of Shark Tank, the leather straps of our handbags were crafted by our local operators, in-house. But, in an effort to provide even MORE Military Spouses with a portable career, we've began tasking this to our Remote Riveters! So, be sure to check your leather strap for an RR# + match it to the Riveter HERE.


The R. Riveter Flagship Store is located in the heart of downtown Southern Pines, NC. -- a town whose roots run deep within the military community.  The shop, itself, embodies the R. Riveter spirit. It is simple, modern and has a powerful presence among the other local businesses on Pennsylvania Ave. It has also become a second home to our local Riveters and their families, which is why we decided give it a little face-lift this year, following our debut on Shark Tank!


Before filming our Shark Tank episode, our local Operators were assembling our bags in the back of our retail location at 177 W Pennsyvania Ave in downtown Southern Pines, NC. It was a cozy little space full of love + laughter! But as support grew and there was more of a demand for our American Handmade product, we began to venture out into the world in search of a new home for production! 
Our warehouse (lovingly referred to as the R. Riveter FabShop) opened it's doors only weeks before our Shark Tank episode aired, and began preparing for our first air date. Our authentic women's handbags, which were once made-to-order, would now be produced in anticipation of experiencing "The Shark Tank Effect." 


It's one thing for a company to say they offer a product that is "American Made" but it is another to really stand behind that promise... especially when the high-tides roll in! We have been so fortunate to have such loyal and supportive customers who were (and still are) understanding of why there was a bit of a wait period to receive their handbag while we experienced "The Shark Tank Effect."
Even when the orders began to roll in, in larger quantities than we had ever experienced before, we remained 100% committed to maintaining the same level of durability and quality that we've always been known for. This created not-so typical ship dates, but that's because our customers were receiving a not-so typical handbag. We want to thank all of our customers who left beautiful words on our social media pages and reached out to us with their inspiring stories via email. Without you, completing our mission would not be possible.
"A few weeks ago, I was working with some old Army trench coats. As I was about to cut, I felt something in a pocket. Inside was an old Red Cross leave form. Tears welled up in my eyes and that is when it truly sunk in that each item from R.Riveter has many stories to tell. These stories aren't just from the Riveters who are involved in their production, or the service members they support, but stories from the men and women who wore the uniforms in service to our country. For me, being part of R.Riveter isn't just about earning an income, it's about being a part of something larger." -Leila | Remote Riveter
And so, like an growing company, we listened, learned and made adjustments. Our army of machines has grown from two to seven... and we just ordered FIVE more! (Thanks, Mark Cuban!) They will be running 24/7 to ensure your handbag is delivered to your doorstep as soon as Riveterly possible! 


A mission is ONLY as strong as how many men and women stand behind it. This makes outreach efforts crucial to our company. Before Shark Tank, we were utilizing social media and sending out the occasional email. NOW, we have a marketing team that is working at full capacity to bring you engaging lifestyle articles on our "Bags On A Mission" blog, send out weekly email campaigns with exciting and newsworthy information and engage with your on a more personal level across all social media platforms. 


Local to Southern Pines, NC? Want to celebrate, in person, with us? RSVP to our celebratory viewing event HERE.


Story By Kellie Gunderman

Shark Tank Effect Graphic By 834 Design

Shark Tank Photography by ABC

R. Riveter Photography By Abi Ray