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Beatrice Patton - She put the 'fun' in 'fundraiser' 

Beatrice Patton came from a family of self-made millionaires, attended the best finishing schools, was fluent in Spanish and French, and picked up just enough Hawaiian to write a book.
Her father "joked" when she married George Patton that Beatrice would be the brains and George would get all the glory. Apparently 'dad jokes' were terrible in 1910 too. Intimately involved with General George Patton's career, Beatrice hopped on a train and traveled the country raising money for war bonds, while catching major feels for those amber waves of grain. When Mrs. Patton wasn't stirring up funds, she wrote 22 pieces in over 52 publications. Her works included a little fiction and some personal narratives, but she also helped keep the General on track with his work on the road. 
Fun Fact: Beatrice put a Hawaiian curse on her husband's mistress. Plot was her step-niece. That's some early 1900s "Days of our Lives," right there!

The Signature Patton from R.Riveter on Vimeo

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