Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Why I love being an R. Riveter Brand Ambassador by Erica W.

The morning I found out I was selected as an R. Riveter Brand Representative, I called my husband across the world during a deployment and cried. I was so excited but more than that I felt instant validation for all I had accomplished, been challenged by, and experience during my first 9 month deployment away from my brand new husband.  We love Shark Tank, we watch it every season and when R. Riveter first came on, my husband immediately yelled “get in here, you’re going to love this one!!” and he was right.

Since day one, watching this company and 2 empowered women drive a business and a mission was inspiring. I grabbed my first bag, and was hooked.  When I was selected to participate in the Brand Ambassador program it meant everything. In 9 months, I changed professional careers, managed our household, read countless books a part of a book club, met and made irreplaceable friends from all over the world, joined a gym and met my goals, tried not to tirelessly miss my other half, and then was selected as an R. Riveter Brand Ambassador. I felt validated, that I not only had I survived my first experience with an Army deployment, but I had thrived. Who am I kidding, the more I reflect on this time, I knocked those 9 months out of the park! I have made so many connections through this program, that will never be replicated. We truly are women empowering women.

In September, just before my husband returned, Shanae (another ambassador but already a friend) and I decided we were gonna jump a flight to North Carolina to attend the R. Riveter Generation 3 release party. And boy, was that the best decision we ever made!! When we spontaneously decided to do this, without telling any of the local ambassadors or employees of R. Riveter. We posted in a group asking for hotel recommendations from the locals associated with R. Riveter. Immediately, we had 3 very serious offers to skip the hotel bill and please stay with them! I couldn’t believe it, I said to Shanae I would never want to feel like an imposition so we hesitated but the 3 women continued to promise they would LOVE to have us. So, we stayed with a local Southern Pines Brand Ambassador, Jana. She is now one of our most dear friends who we stay in contact with every day.

Without this Brand Ambassador program, I would be missing a lot of things. 1. The constant love and support of close to 50 women across the U.S. 2. The mentorship of other professional business women 3. Inspiration to get out of my comfort zone. I’ve never been pushed to explore the world, make new and different friends, or put myself out there and take a risk. But, I am doing all of those things very much in conjunction with my Brand Ambassador role with R. Riveter. And I’m LOVING every single moment.