Brand Ambassador Spotlight: What I have learned this year by Kel M.


What I have learned this year?   This year has been full of many changes for me as a military spouse.  My name is Kelly and I am USCG spouse (Coasties!) and Navy brat (E2C’s rule!).  We recently moved from Rhode Island to Virginia for my husband’s new assignment.  I’m writing this actually among cardboard boxes, which I’m starting to think not only make great Christmas decorations but double as counter space.  

I am a former Special Agent for over 13 years. Working as an agent, presented it’s own challenges being a female in a predominantly male oriented career.  I also had to decide on remaining in my career.  I knew from the moment I met my husband my position wouldn’t be flexible with the moves and changes the CG had in store for us (and believe it or not, I was gone traveling much more than my husband).  Now, I am back into the job market with a whole new set of challenges as I realize the parts of my career I loved versus what didn’t work. It’s always strange when I tell people what I used to do and usually their first question is “Do you miss it?”  What I miss is my old coworkers, travel, and relationships.  I had to make a tough choice of my husband or my particular career.  I was at the point I had accomplished what I set out to do from day one.  I was one of three females in my class when I went to the academy.  I had completed training I know I would never have access to again. The hardest thing in life sometimes is knowing when it is time to move on to different adventures.  R.Riveter has opened my eyes to other women in all different tracks of life those with kids, moves, wedding planning, and different branches of service.   Some of my fellow brand ambassadors just crack me up and I love reading what they are up to, how they deal with the day to day, what it’s like having kids, etc.  I encourage anyone that wants to know what a military spouse is made of check out some of the Brand Ambassadors.  We come from all walks of life.  Some aren’t in the military but have an equal passion for military spouses and the R.Riveter brand.  That’s what life is about.  As Ernest Hemingway said,


I chose the trip with my husband and I don’t regret that adventure one bit.