Wellness Hero | Tiffany Fleeman

HI I’M TIFFANY & I own Workhorse Fitness & Yoga located in Southern Pines, NC! 

I encourage everyone to know the difference between motivation & discipline. Motivation is short term. It comes and it goes. It’s emotional. And it often won’t get the job done when the going gets really tough. DISCIPLINE on the other hand is habitual. It’s a non-negotiable. Most successful people are disciplined, not motivated. I spend a lot of effort as a fitness professional trying to help people turn PERIODS of motivation into a disciplined LIFESTYLE. Do I want to wake up at 4am to train every morning…not always…but it’s what I do, it’s who I am. So my best piece of advice is a mindset shift from looking for motivation to creating discipline.


Tiffany at her gym, Workhorse Fitness, in Southern Pines

 Her Favorite *in a hurry* but still need to crush it work out:

If you’re in a hurry but need maximum return on your time investment,

my go to is a DROP SET workout…

in this technique, you perform as many reps as possible (until failure) and then immediately, with little to no rest, complete the same exercise with about 20% LESS weight…repeating this for a total of 3-4 sets.

This strategy creates both mechanical and metabolic fatigue for muscle gain and fat burn.

I typically choose a push muscle group (I.e. push press) and a pull muscle group (dead lifts) and stick with those for the strength portion of the workout as to not overtrain and then finish with interval sprints (either on the echo bike, on the rower, or actual sprints)


NOW THAT 👆🏼that is a very efficient and very effective workout!

If you want (or maybe need is more fitting!) more of that in you life - check her out here!