We’re teaming up with JEEP (again!)

We’re joining forces with Jeep once again.  

As Rosie the Riveter rose to prominence as a symbol of female empowerment during the 1940s, the original Jeep stepped into the spotlight as an example of American ingenuity and ruggedness. And both icons played an important role in helping Allied Powers earn the victory during World War II.  

Now, 80 years and two previous collaborations later, R.Riveter is teaming up with Jeep once more for a new line of limited-edition bags and accessories.  

Introducing the Spring 2023 Jeep®️ x R.Riveter®️ Collection 

Inspired by the bags and rucksacks carried by service members in World War II and the U.S. Navy 1940's Jeep®️ M-38 shore patrol vehicle, the Spring 2023 Jeep®️ x R.Riveter®️ collection will add a touch of vintage to any outfit.  

Each of our collaborations with the iconic Jeep brand has been designed especially for women who know they must experience adventures to find out where they truly belong. And our new collection includes a stamped reminder of the sentiment. Each bag, tote, or pouch includes the iconic quote “You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong” by author Sue Fitzmaurice. 

Made of adventure-proof fabrics in versatile designs, the new Jeep®️ x R.Riveter®️ backpacks, tote, and pouches are the perfect accessory for wherever the day takes you.  

The Corbin Backpack in Fatigue Nylon 

We’ve reimagined the classic R.Riveter Corbin Backpack. The new Corbin Backpack comes in Fatigue Nylon with Riveter brown leather – creating an exterior that’s rugged and ready for any adventure. The blue and red striped strap adds a pop of color and a hint of naval history.  

The Corbin Backpack in Khaki Nylon 

You love the Corbin backpack so much that we created two Jeep®️ x R.Riveter®️ versions. The Corbin Backpack in Khaki Nylon comes with leather accents in Riveter black leather and a matching black strap. Like other versions of the Corbin, this bag easily converts from a messenger bag into a backpack.  

The Margot Tote in Fatigue Nylon 


Our best-selling Margot tote is getting a new look. The new Margot tote comes in Fatigue Nylon and includes blue and red striped straps as a nod to U.S. Navy uniforms. The tote’s open interior gives you plenty of space for all your essentials, and the exterior slip pocket keeps your technology close at hand.  

The Adeline Pouch Set in Fatigue Nylon 

A functional duo, the Adeline Pouch Set in Fatigue Nylon keeps your make-up, toiletries, or tech accessories organized and easy to find. The set can be clipped together and includes one large zipper pouch with a leather wrist strap for easy carrying and a smaller zip pouch.  

The Adeline Pouch Set in Khaki Nylon 

Khaki Adeline

The Adeline Pouch Set also comes in a neutral Khaki Nylon. The nylon exterior is water-resistant and perfect for a day at the beach or by the pool. Stock up on sunscreen and lip balm, and keep everything easy to access with these pouches.  

Wishing you luck on your next adventure 

Each Jeep®️ x R.Riveter®️ collection is inspired by the long line of women who came before us and blazed trails to create new opportunities for future generations. 

We continue to try and fill the admirable work boots of Rosie the Riveter and be positive agents of change for women across the nation. Jeep®️ x R.Riveter®️ are coming together once again to encourage women to build, explore and break barriers. 

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