Meet Laura. She’s a mother of four, a wife, a Sailor’s Sister, and former RN, and now a proud small business owner.


Laura pursued her education in Nutrition Science and Nursing but halfway through her nursing career she took some time off and found the fulfillment within her creative passions. When Laura took a step back from Healthcare, her brother decided to step back from his successful finance job to enlist in the United States Navy. His decision to find his greater purpose and serve his country inspired Laura to grow her craft and start creating and designing jewelry. And from there “Sailor’s Sister” was born.


Laura’s brother’s military path is the inspiration behind her designs. Her handmade sailor inspired jewelry are subtle, but full of nautical and beach vibes. This makes her pieces for everyday style and for anyone to wear.

While Laura’s work is inspired by her brother’s military path, her family is what keeps her motivated and coming back day after day.
Laura's jewelry is now available on our site .