Top 3 Reasons Everyone Needs a Patton this Fall

The Patton is a customer favorite - and for good reason! Based on recent reviews, we've listed the top 3 reasons to purchase a Patton this fall. 

1. It is completely versatile!

Wear it as a crossbody bag when you're running errands, or  turn it into a clutch for a last minute date night. Choose a signature bag, or opt for a seasonal collection handbag for an added touch of color. 

2. It makes the best gift!

With the holiday season coming up, the size and versatility make it the perfect gift for even the pickiest gal on your list.

3. It’s a great size. 

The Patton is large enough to fit all your essentials: your wallet, glasses, and phone. Yet, it’s still small enough to be stylish and comfortable as you go through your day.