Tips for the Perfect Pet Photos

At R.Riveter, we think dogs are pretty great – so much so, that we created the Fido + Friends Collection for our four-legged friends! From collars and leashes to collapsible water bowls, we believe dogs should look great and be prepared for anything.

Our pets go everywhere with us - to the farmer’s market, on weekend adventures, and even to the office. It’s no wonder our camera rolls are full of dog pictures!
We caught up with R.Riveter Brand Ambassador and photographer Autumn W to get some tips on how to take the perfect photo of your pooch!

On maintaining focus:
Exposure is key. Make sure you place your subject toward the light and set your focus to ensure the sharpest image possible. When uploading images to your social platforms make sure that your file size is in the MB (megabyte) range. The larger the number the better. KB (kilobyte) is a smaller size and will make your image look blurry and out of focus. File size does matter!

Perfect pose:
I like to stay away from posing as much as possible. It's best to shoot in the moment! Go with the flow, and don't be afraid to embrace the crazy and un-staged. Those make the best pictures!


I like to say the best camera is the one with you. Get to know the camera on your phone, and try out ALL the filters and tools. There are a zillion free photo editing apps out there at your disposal. Some of my favorites are VSCO, Snapseed, and PicFx. Once you find your editing style stay consistent and your feed will look curated and inviting.

Have too many photos of your pup? Share their adventures on Instagram!
Let's just say that it's pretty funny my dog has more followers than I do. But the fact of the matter is that he has a large group of devoted followers that LOVE him! Here are a few things that I always do when managing his Instagram account:
  • Post consistently. When you post consistently your followers know when they can expect to see new content. It also helps you build your following.
  • Respond to comments.  It's so important to engage with your followers. Take the time to respond to as many comments as you can. It helps you get to know your followers better as well as keeps them engaged and makes them feel connected to you in a personal way.
  • Listen to your followers. Not sure what type of content to post? Listen to your followers! Look at your top preforming posts, and see what type of content gets the most engagement. In Colonel's case videos always get more likes and comments than pictures. Share more of what people love and you'll see your engagement grow.
  • Check direct messages daily.  DM (direct messages) on Instagram are the perfect way to build relationships and make connections. Make sure you check those messages and respond to the inquiries you get - that aren't spammy of course.
  • Follow other accounts. Follow other accounts like yours and stay engaged with them. Make sure you leave comments on their content and show your support. You'll most likely get a follow and gain a new friend in return!
Be sure to follow Autumn @changingseason and her pet Colonel @colonelthefrenchie for more examples of beautiful photography.
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