The Wildflower Revolution | Women's History Month

Introducing our newest collection, The Wildflower Revolution.

For National Women’s History Month we wanted to do something special in honor of all the women our R. Riveter handbags are named after. We are excited to introduce to you these one-of-a kind bags! Each bag has an element to it that makes it different from its typical design. You’ll be surprised to see patterns in styles never before made, different zippers used, and so many other one-of-kind elements. 
These American women set the stage for us and paved the way. They led with strength, determination, and grit as they blossomed in places women were least expected to grow. They broke cultural norms, changed the landscapes they were in and defeated the odds stacked against them. Like a true wildflower these woman were every bit of beauty, grace, and strength and in the most uncommon places. We created these bags so you too can remember and honor these woman and be reminded what you are capable of as well. You are one-of-a-kind and so is your bag! 
Check out our brand new collection and be sure to take our quiz to help you find which wildflower you are most like!