The R. Riveter + Faribault Woolen Mill Handbag Collection

Each R. Riveter bag has a story, originating from a courageous military spouse throughout history. We believe these women deserve to be celebrated for their strength and service, which is why do our best to honor them with thoughtfully crafted, timeless handbags – handmade by women and men who serve as military spouses today.

 It took no second thought to partner with Faribault Woolen Mill, a 151 year old mill whose woolens are woven through American history, on the launch of four limited-edition handbags.

The R. Riveter + Faribault Collection is inspired by a deeply rooted dedication to those who serve. Each bag is handcrafted with Faribault wool, which has comforted our troops during two world wars, warmed pioneers heading west, and even provides comfort to our soldiers today. We are deeply honored to have created a collection of beautiful handbags that pay tribute to American craftsmanship, dedication to service, and celebrate military spouses today!

Why wool?

Natural & Renewable: As sheep grow new fleece each year, wool continues to be a renewable resource.

Recyclable & Biodegradable: Scrap and used wool can be recycled to create new items, such as blankets and throws. And unlike synthetic materials, wool is biodegradable.

Year-Round Comfort: Wool keeps you warm when you’re cold and releases heat and moisture when you’re hot.  Perfect for any season!

Easy Care: Wool fibers have a natural protectant layer to resist stains. It is also flexible and extremely durable.