The Mission of Reveille



Reveille ‐ "to wake up". The morning bugle call, was originally conducted as "Troop" in 1812. This same morning sound is still played across military bases every morning to assemble the troops. The perfect name for our brand new collection! Why? Reveille is more than about handbags, it is a call for woman everywhere to wake up and do what only they can do. Our heart is behind so many details of this line and its own separate mission will make you fall in love that much more. We believe Reveille is a mantra, a way of life, a movement. This is your call to rise and shine and get up and chase those dreams only you can chase.  With a perfect bag on your side, and a community that supports you.



With every bag we design we want it to be a practical solution for women on the go. Not just solving problems for military wives but also for YOU. Our bags are not a status symbol but instead a representation of woman who hustle.

  1.  COMPANION - We want to make sure that when you carry our bags on your shoulder or by your side it meets all the needs you have. Our handbags are designed to be your closest companion. The one thing you can lean on in every circumstance.
  2.  QUALITY - Each design crafted with detail from high quality durable materials to ensure its longevity is something you can count on. We want you to feel good knowing you spent money investing in yourself and in a bag that will last. 
  3. STYLE- You can not forget the significance that our bags accessorize effortlessly into your wardrobe. When you hustle hard, and live life on the go we find it important that you can just pick your bag right up and know it fits in with whatever your attire is for the day. Whether you are hustling into the office, chasing a dream that scares you, rushing to get the kids to school or studying at all hours to get to what’s next, our bags are created to go with you.




Our Signature Collection that provides mobile flexible income for military spouses is not going anywhere. Instead, we are increasing our impact and have a whole ADDITIONAL way to GIVE BACK! Reveille is our first ever giveback model. Each purchase helps provide resources for military spouses looking to start and grow their own business. We are committed to supporting those who serve our country – will you join us?