Brand Ambassador Spotlight: The Mission Behind My Patton by Chelsea C.



My Patton was gifted to me by my father, who is retired Navy. He loves to joke that he is the reason I am now a brand ambassador. (Maybe this is true, but I like to think I was destined to find RRIVETER) 

My Patton has been through a lot. Her leather shows the marks from excited puppies jumping on me when I've come back from a long day away from home. 

Her Canvas has withstood many a spill, she has a few stains, but each mark and stain just gives her more character. These all are reminders of coffee dates with close friends and adventures lost in wine country. 

She has been from San Diego to Las Vegas, up and down the coast of California and to my home state of Montana. She will soon join me on a PCS to Florida. I have worn her on date nights, as a clutch to Khaki Ball, and she is also my go to everyday bag. 

She has seen our family through many stages. From living in a house to living on the beach in a fifth wheel. She will see me take on an entirely new role in our newest stage, adding a member to our family. Our baby girl is due in November and my hope is to instill in her my love for this crazy Navy life that we live. 


Her mission: to be by my side through all that life throws at me. To withstand time, wear, and tear. To conceal movie theater snacks, ultrasound pics, my husbands junk and most importantly to remind me how significant all of these little memories are. 

She may be small, but the impact this bag has left on my life is large. Having a bag that can withstand all that I throw at it is important to me. And knowing that other military spouses put so much heart into creating this bag makes me feel proud to carry her. 

Mission accomplished.