The Emerge Collection

Like anything relating to growth, there’s a natural progression during a transition. There comes a point when it’s time to take a leap and to trust that the work you put in will catch you. Our first step—serenity, has brought us to a place where we are centered and at peace with who we are and where we are going. The next step is to emerge. Emerging can mean so many things from adding onto the things in our lives or completely leaving some things behind. If they don’t serve you, why are you still paying them any mind?  

So how do you “emerge” exactly? We’re glad you asked.  

Let’s start with the definition. Emerge is defined as “moving out of or away from something and coming into view; to become apparent, important, or prominent.” Let’s start by listing the things we would like to rid ourselves of. Go ahead, grab a journal and make that list. They could be character traits, activities, expressions of the self—anything that comes to mind. Next, let’s list the things we aspire to. How can we chase after those? What must be done to step away from the things in list number one and move towards list number two? Go ahead and make a list number three containing ways to accomplish these goals. You may find that these goals are easier to acquire than thought.  

If the list is a long one, try focusing on one at a time—change is a process, and you have time. The important thing is that you make small steps each day to leave your old, unwanted habits behind. Focus on committing to be bold, outspoken, and to be true to you, however that may look.  

 We know you’ll emerge into something even more astonishing than you’d imagined. This is more than a handbag—this is a reminder to continue to transform into the best woman you can be.