The Day of the Deployed.

Honoring National Day of the Deployed 
Join us in honoring National Day of the Deployed!  
Every October 26, each of the 50 states bands together to honor service members who have or are currently deployed, the sacrifices they make for our country, and the sacrifices that their families make during deployment. 
A special day to us here at R. Riveter, today we’re exploring what National Day of the Deployed is, why it’s an important day, and how you can help support our deployed troops and their families. 
What is it? 
The National Day of the Deployed honors all service members who are currently deployed or who have deployed while serving in the United States armed forces. The day also honors the sacrifices that military spouses, children, and other family members make while their service member is deployed.  
Now observed in all 50 states, the first National Day of the Deployed occurred in 2006. North Dakota citizen, Shelle Michaeles Aberle, petitioned her local governor, John Hoevento, to create the important day. The date of October 26 was chosen by Aberle to honor the birthday of her cousin, LTC David Hosna, who had been deployed to Iraq.  
Six years later, every state in the US honored the special day. And today, we continue the tradition. 
Why is it important? 
Observing National Day of the Deployed allows us to honor the sacrifices that our service members and their families make during deployment.  
Lasting anywhere from a few weeks to a year and a half, deployments bring challenges and stressors to the lives of service members and their families. Service members’ dedication to protecting our country and the support their families provide should be honored and remembered as often as possible.  

National Day of the Deployed gives us an opportunity to bestow that honor. It allows us to say “thank you” for their service, provides another chance to support our troops and their families, and brings us together as a nation.  

Today, over 200,000 troops are currently deployed outside of the U.S. Join us in honoring these brave men and women and their families.  
How you can help? 
We encourage you to support our service members and their families during this year’s National Day of the Deployed.  
Here are a few ways to honor this special day: 
  • Send a care package or write a letter to someone overseas.  Several civilian organizations can assist you in sending a care package or a letter to a deployed service member. Check out this list from to see which organizations can help.
  • Help a family of a deployed service member.  If you know a military family, reach out to the family to see how you can assist them while their service member is deployed. Offering childcare, homecooked meals, coupon cutting, cleaning, yard work, or other help may be greatly appreciated.
  • Display a yellow ribbon.  The yellow ribbon is a universal sign of homefront support for U.S. troops. Place a yellow ribbon magnet on your car, a flag outside your home, or tie ribbons around the trees in your yard.
  • Donate to military organizations.  Organizations like the USO support military members and their families before, during, and after deployment. 
  • Volunteer your time at an organization that supports the troops. A quick internet search will bring up a list of organizations in your area where you can volunteer to support U.S. service members and their families. 
  • Foster a military pet. Several U.S. organizations organize foster homes for service members’ pets while they are deployed. Visit this link to see a list of organizations and get involved. 
The R. Riveter Mission 
We founded R. Riveter to support military families by providing stable, long-term employment to military spouses across the nation. Our own military spouse experiences opened our eyes to the difficulty of holding long-term employment and growing a fulfilling career while juggling our spouses’ deployment schedules. 
Riveter provides mobile, flexible income to “Riveters” to help build each accessory that you purchase from our shop. Each R. Riveter bag, pouch, or purse journeys across the fifty states before arriving on your doorstep. Military spouses across the nation craft individual components and ship them to our Fabshop where our in-house team then assembles each piece into a one-of-a-kind product crafted with love, honor, and pride in our country. 
Our network of Riveters is resilient, committed, adaptable, and hard-working, and we couldn’t do what we do without them. Each R. Riveter purchase supports military families by allowing spouses to establish and grow a stable and fulfilling career even in the face of ever-changing circumstances.  
Thank you for helping support military spouses and families during National Day of the Deployed!