A Handbag to Honor Those Who Served

The Army’s Class A Uniform was retired in 2015, after 61 years of service. This Memorial Day, we are so proud to launch a small batch of Limited Edition Ottos, crafted from recycled Class A uniforms.

To many, the Class A Uniform is simply a few pieces of olive cloth, some gold buttons and a bit of thread. To a military spouse, it is a reminder of the courage, loyalty, integrity and strength that is possessed by all who were fortunate enough to have worn it. 

Many of us at R.Riveter remember the Class A uniform as the first dress uniform we ever saw our spouses wear. We remember the Class A uniform as the symbol of love that led us across the dance floor at our first military ball. We remember the Class A uniform as the wave of emotions that poured into the hall on homecoming day. We remember the Class A uniform, that still hangs in the back of the closet, as a symbol that our service members are more than capable of doing their jobs, proudly.

Each Limited Edition Class A Otto is one-of-a-kind, crafted by military spouses, from recycled military materials. No two bags are alike, and each one tells the story of the journey its materials have been on.

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