Sunkissed Denim. The 10th Anniversary Otto

In honor of 10 years in the biz, we’ve been releasing special anniversary bags. This bag is in our most well-loved silhouette, The Otto, and made special by the materials it's made from. Denim is classic and always in style. This allows you to wear it for seasons to come. We love longevity in a handbag. Being in business for 10 years comes with new surprises and we don’t think this bag should be any different. Once you peek inside, you’ll find that our signature black and white liner has been replaced with a special edition print in gorgeous bold colors. *surprise!* The colors in the print are bold and bright, encouraging you to let those sides of you shine too.  


As if we weren’t inspired enough by this bag, we asked Co-Founder Cameron Cruse for advice when it comes to learning from the past. Here’s what she had to say:

“As a leader, I’ve come to realize that every day has something to teach. The last 10 years have both challenged and taught me lessons that have built a perspective unique to being an entrepreneur and to serving those around me with my strengths. I try to not look back and think about what I would have done differently, only what I will do next time to keep improving. Taking it one step at a time and banking those lessons along the way has built a foundation on which I hope to keep developing as a leader, a wife and a mother. There is plenty of remarkable advice in the world, I realize now that sometimes you have to experience it firsthand to fully appreciate and comprehend it.” 


Take it from Cameron—get out there, be bold and fearless, go experience wins and failures, and don’t look back. Keep pushing forward.  


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