Remote Workforce Expands to Civil Service


Recently featured in Fox News' article American handbag company a model for small businesses forced to work from home during coronavirus outbreakLisa and Cameron introduce two product developers on the remote riveter team. Tim and Brittany Smith are the husband and wife duo behind two new Riveter products, boxes and candles, respectively. 


Tim Smith, a fireman who was forced to retire after being diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, joined the company last month as a product developer, working from his family's barn in the backyard of his Granville, Ohio, home.

"It's really fantastic because one of the side effects that Tim has is severe fatigue from his cancer treatment," his wife, Brittany, explained. "So he's limited on the number of hours he can work per week."

"This just gives him that flexibility to work when he's feeling well rather than have the strict hours or schedule that a typical job would require," Brittany said of her husband, a fireman for 15 years who was promoted to lieutenant shortly before his diagnosis in November 2018.

Brittany, too, has benefited by working for the company part-time, helping to launch a new product line of handmade candles from her basement. A teacher and mother of two, Brittany said the additional work has helped the couple, both 36, at a time when many families are struggling financially.

Two new summer candles, Hope and Determined are now available in online and in our retail locations. 

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