Raising Glory

I’m Sam, owner/creator of Raising Glory where we make handmade polymer clay jewelry. I’m a Wife and Momma of three, two earth side and sweet Sawyer is with Jesus. I’m also a lifestyle family photographer and private photo editor. I’m located in Central Ohio and live on a farm where we raise Highland cattle. Our Highlands are where the name of our business came from, Raising Glory. Glory was our first highland calf born on the farm. She happened to be born on the anniversary of losing our son, Sawyer. 

Right now, Raising Glory consists of my Mom (Ann), myself, and my daughter (Ava). Together we’ve been making unique, handmade jewelry since March of 2021. We started our company because we love to create new things and in this fast paced world we live in, it gives us a chance to just hang out with each other and enjoy our time together, doing something that we all enjoy doing. 

Founded on Family, our mission is to lift others, raise confidence, and lend a helping hand through inspiring others and forming life long relationships through handmade goods.